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Banking Challenger Level Is Offering 1% Cash Back on All Debit Card Purchases and a Competitive 2.1% APY on Deposits

Several promising startups are challenging major banks with the launch of their innovative apps that provide seamless, modern, mobile banking experiences. These new apps offer attractive features and very low or even no transaction fees. Level, a banking challenger and banking app provider, is offering… Read More

New Work Platform The Level Surfaces on Indiegogo; Scores Over $20,000 Within A Few Hours

On Monday (January 12th),  former Brand President of Teva footwear and founder of the [GoPro] Mountain Games, Joel Heath, announced the launch of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the first product through his latest venture, FluidStance. The LEVEL by FluidStance aims to set the world in motion… Read More

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