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Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority Presentation on Initial Coin Offering Regulation

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has published a deck on initial coin offerings. FINMA has scheduled a series of roundtable meetings in collaboration with the Swiss Crypto Valley Association. The first Roundtable took place last week in Zug, Switzerland. In February, FINMA issued a… Read More

Cryptocurrency Market Structure: Crypto-Assets Represent a Truly Global Asset Class

Last week on Valentines Day, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) held a meeting of the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC). There were several interesting presentations and good discussions regarding the emerging cryptocurrency market. One of the discussions was by Richard Gorelick, Head of Market Structure… Read More

Here is the LendingClub Presentation Shared at their Investor Day Event

LendingClub (NYSE:LC) presented at Morgan Stanley last week in a day long event that provided an in-depth update on the company and its expectations for future performance. The Investor Day Presentation, embedded below, was an encouraging compendium of how LendingClub envisions the future of online… Read More

Positive Report from LendingClub as Sentiment Improves for Online Lender (Q2 Deck)

LendingClub (NYSE:LC) held their Q2 earnings call today and it was by far the most positive report delivered in multiple quarters.  Growth has returned to the marketplace lending club as originations rose in Q2 as did top line revenue. LendingClub upped guidance for Q3 and… Read More

WRHambrecht Reviews Reg A+ Market & Challenges at ACSEC (Deck)

Robert L. Malin, Managing Director and Head of Equity Capital Markets at WR Hambrecht + Co, delivered a presentation today at a meeting of the SEC’s Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies (ACSEC) on the emerging Reg A+ market.  Hambrecht is a broker dealer… Read More

Here is the LendingClub Q1 Earnings Deck

Lending Club (NYSE:LC), the largest marketplace lending platform in the US, released quarterly earnings results today. Originations declined dramatically from the same quarter in 2016. Originations also dipped versus Q4. Obviously the online lender would prefer to report the exact opposite. While the results were… Read More

The Stamina of Rocky Balboa: Prosper President Ron Suber Updates on Marketplace Lending Industry (Video)

Ron Suber, the President of Prosper and a perennial keynote speaker at the annual LendIt conference, delivered a rousing update on the status of marketplace lending.  Directly addressing the challenges that impacted all online lenders in the past year, Suber stated; “Success this past year required… Read More

SeedInvest Update: Interest is Growing in Crowdfunding but Improvements Will Help

At the Annual SEC Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation SeedInvest, a prominent US based investment crowdfunding platform, delivered an update to the Commission and forum participants.  SeedInvest is a full stack investment crowdfunding platform. They work with issuers looking to raise capital under Reg… Read More

Here is the Lending Club Presentation Where They Introduce Auto Loans

The largest US marketplace lending platform Lending Club (NYSE:LC) introduced a new vertical on October 25th.  Lending Club will now offer individuals the option to refinance their existing auto loans and potentially save a good amount of money.  While only available to residents of California… Read More

Financial Services Innovation Act of 2016 (Deck)

Congressman Patrick McHenry announced new legislation this week created to improve financial innovation in the US. Unlike some other countries, financial service firms are mandated to follow rules enforced by a litany of government agencies.  Dealing with the maze of bureaucrats is not easy for… Read More

Snowball Effect Celebrates 2 Years of Crowdfunding

Snowball Effect, the leading equity crowdfunding platform in New Zealand, is celebrating 2 years of operation in the Kiwi nation. In recognition of their anniversary and platform growth, Snowball Effect has shared some platform highlights along with a deck (embedded below). New Zealand, in many… Read More

Ron Suber on Marketplace Lending: Keep Calm & Lend On (Deck)

Ron Suber, President of Prosper Marketplace, presented at the Fall AltFi conference in Manhattan yesterday and delivered a keynote address on the status of marketplace lending. Now most industry observers know that  the online lending industry was hit with a one-two punch this year. As the economy… Read More

OTC Markets Presents on Reg A+ at SEC ACSEC Meeting (Deck)

Daniel Zinn, General Counsel of OTC Markets, visited the SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies (ACSEC) today. He followed a presentation by Paul Elio of Elio Motors to continue a theme on Reg A+, providing liquidity and the future of venture markets. The… Read More

Cowen and Company is Interested in Using Regulation A+ (Deck)

Cowen and Company, a publicly traded (NASDAQ:COWN) diversified financial services firm, is looking at the potential benefits of leveraging Regulation A+.  Title IV of the JOBS Act allowed the SEC to update old Reg A thus creating a securities exemption that has actually experienced some… Read More

AngelList Gives Platform Update at SEC Event on Small Business Capital Formation (Deck)

Kevin Laws, Chief Operating Officer of AngelList, delivered an “illuminating” presentation at the SEC Government Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation yesterday. AngelList, a leader in the equity crowdfunding sector, has become an important catalyst in the online finance space innovating and expanding its… Read More

US Equity Crowdfunding Explained: Title II & Title IV of the JOBS Act (Deck)

The two leading equity crowdfunding associations, CFIRA and CFPA, came together to present a primer on the two active exemptions under the JOBS Act: Title II and Title IV. Title II, or accredited crowdfunding, has been actionable since the fall of 2013.  Title IV or… Read More

Ron Suber on Marketplace Lending: Soon You Will Not Be Able to Live Without Us (Deck)

  Prosper President Ron Suber delivered an extremely well received keynote address at the LendIt conference held in Manhattan this past week.  Over 2400 attendees converged from around the globe to discuss the future of finance, one where banks are on the decline and peer to… Read More

Kauffman Foundation: The Funding Myth for Startups (Deck)

The Kauffman Foundation is an admirable research and advocacy group that promotes the benefits of entrepreneurism. The organizations ethos is that developing self-sufficient people and a vibrant economy & society are pretty important things, something most level headed people would quickly concur.  Last week Arnobio Morelix from… Read More

New Work Platform The Level Surfaces on Indiegogo; Scores Over $20,000 Within A Few Hours

On Monday (January 12th),  former Brand President of Teva footwear and founder of the [GoPro] Mountain Games, Joel Heath, announced the launch of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the first product through his latest venture, FluidStance. The LEVEL by FluidStance aims to set the world in motion… Read More

The Number of Accredited Investors (Deck)

The debate surrounding the definition of an Accredited Investor always includes a discussion regarding the number of individuals in the United States who actually qualify.  Recently Rachita Gullapalli, a financial analyst at the Division of Economic & Risk Analysis (DERA) at the SEC, put together… Read More

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