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WATCH: Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 4 – Nick Meehan On Crowdfunding Lobbyists, An Exit For FundersClub, A New Michigan Bill, More

Hey, this week we got through a whole episode of Inside Crowdfunding without any major glitches! Success! Alon and I had a great conversation with Nick Meehan of The Lobby. Nick’s project piqued our interest after he was profiled in a piece for Vice. It’s… Read More

Could “The Lobby” Bring Crowdfunding To US Lobbying Efforts?

Lobbyists. Love them or hate them, they have a strong voice in the political narrative here in the United States, and sometimes the goals of a lobby do not align with the goals of the American people. According to the polls, that is precisely what… Read More

Josh Mendelsohn, Tech Startups’ Washington Lobbyist

The interests of Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., are separated by a lot more than a six-hour flight. A year ago, Josh Mendelsohn decided to change that by co-founding Engine Advocacy, a group representing technology startups. “Legislation that’s bad for startups pops up without any… Read More

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