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Crowdcube Alum The New Craftsmen Announces Burberry Partnership For Makers House During London Fashion Week

On Tuesday, Crowdcube success, The New Craftsmen, announced it has teamed up with famous fashion brand, Burberry, on Makers House, which is described as a temporary space in central London during London’s Fashion Week. Back in spring 2014, The New Craftsmen successfully raised £171,580 from… Read More

Maker House Turns To Rockethub To Fund Tuscon Makerspace

Maker House, a new makerspace opening in Tucson in the fall of 2013, has reached it’s first crowdfunding milestone, raising over $15,000 in just 6 days. The project is being hosted on RocketHub, a crowdfunding platform that has recently partnered with A&E Television to launch… Read More

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