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Narrative Life-Logging Camera (Formerly Memoto) Runs Into Production Issues, Delivery Delayed

Narrative (formerly Memoto) crowdfunded over $500,000 on Kickstarter for their small form factor life-logging camera last year. The campaign ended in November of 2012. The team is having production issues largely related to quality control in manufacturing. Narrative has been forced to benchmark each unit… Read More

Lifelogging Camera Memoto, Now Called Narrative, Ships November 1

Announces $3 Million in Funding from True Ventures The Memoto Lifelogging camera successfully crowdfunded their “Lifelogging camera” on Kickstarter almost one year ago.  The team from Stockholm, Sweden raised $550,189 on a goal of $50,000.  The simple device they developed clips on y0ur shirt and… Read More

Memoto hands-on: Life-logging with Kickstarter’s wearable camera

Your every moment, documented. That’s the Memoto concept, a tiny wearable camera that snaps a shot every thirty seconds to digitally augment your memory. Early doubts as to whether enough people would want to record each waking moment were quickly squashed when the Memoto Kickstarter saw 11x the… Read More

Wearable Cameras: Get A Lifelog

WILL future historians ever understand how dull and pointless life was in the 21st century? Yes, if a new wearable camera catches on. Memoto, a Swedish start-up, is selling a stamp-sized camera that you can pin on your shirt (see picture). It takes photographs every… Read More

Lessons From a Lifeblogging Camera’s Kickstarter Campaign

On November 30, Sweden’s Memoto closed a month-long Kickstarter campaign that raised $550,000 to manufacture a lifelogging wearable camera. Last week, we published astory about Memoto and the implications of its camera. Here, we present a guest post from Memoto co-founder Oskar Kalmaru in which he… Read More

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