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Sydney’s ColCap Acquires Stake in UK-based Digital Mortgage Lender Molo

Molo Finance is pleased to announce Australian mortgage lender ColCap has acquired an 80% shareholding in Molo. This follows “on from the strategic partnership with Molo and ColCap entered into last year.” The investment will “allow Molo to benefit from ColCap’s depth of funding and… Read More

UK’s Molo Finance Introduces “Savings Booster”

The team at Molo Finance are pleased “to introduce a ‘Savings Booster’ feature across all of our buy-to-let products.” Current market volatility in the UK has “resulted in landlords facing the highest mortgage interest rates in over a decade.” Recognizing the challenges they face, the… Read More

UK’s Molo Finance Teams Up with Brilliant Solutions

Molo Finance has partnered with Brilliant Solutions, a distributor of mortgages that sits between mortgage brokers and lenders. This partnership “further underlines Molo’s ambitions to offer fully-digital mortgages on a larger scale and it will provide Brilliant Solutions’ membership of directly authorized (DA) brokers with… Read More

UK’s Molo Finance Expands its BTL Product Range

Molo Finance are pleased to announce the expansion of their buy to let product range. Relaunching back into the market, Molo will be adding the following products to their buy-to-let portfolio: Fixed rate mortgages: starting from 6.69% on 65% LTV for individual buyers and 6.99%… Read More

UK’s Molo Finance Teams Up with Colcap Financial

The Molo Finance team are pleased to announce their strategic partnership with ColCap Financial, which claims to be a leading Australian mortgage lender (that is joining forces with Molo in order to expand into the United Kingdom). The partnership “includes a broader strategic alliance between… Read More

Molo Finance, a Provider of Fully Digital Mortgages, Shares Notable Buy to Let Hotspots

The team at Molo Finance has shared some notable buy-to-let hotspots in 2022. According to Molo Finance, which focuses on reimagining mortgages, buy to let continues to be a “popular way for people to invest their money.” And as we get ready to enter a… Read More

UK Fintech Molo Finance, which Reimagines Mortgages, Teams Up with Financial Advisor Group Tenet

Molo Finance reveals that it has formed an intermediary partnership with Tenet Group, which is one of the largest financial advisor support groups in the United Kingdom. This partnership will see Tenet provide Molo’s products to its advisers and client base, increasing their reach in… Read More

UK’s Starling Bank Adds Molo, Underpinned, Paystream to its Business Marketplace with Over 100,000 Customers

The addition of Molo, UK’s first, all-digital mortgage lender, Underpinned, a career management platform for freelance workers, and accounting services provider Paystream to the Starling Business Marketplace will take the digital bank’s business integrations count to 14. The integrations aim to build on services that… Read More

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