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Household Debt Tops $17.5 Trillion, Credit Cards at Whopping $1.13 Trillion

The debt train keeps on running. A New York Fed report published today shares that total household debt has now topped $17.5 trillion as of Q4 2023. If you compare it to the same quarter in 2022, when total debt stood at $16.9 trillion, this… Read More

Moody’s Comments on Fed Report Covering Household Debt

The New York Federal Reserve posted its quarterly report covering household debt earlier this week. The report noted that outstanding credit card debt now tops $1 trillion. In total, household debt surpassed $17.05 trillion – the highest amount on record. The authors of the report… Read More

NY Fed: Credit Card Debt Tops $1 Trillion

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is reporting that household credit card debt is now over $1 trillion. The  Fed, in its quarterly report, noted that total household debt stands at $17.06 trillion, having risen by $16 billion at the end of Q2 2023…. Read More

US Household Debt Tops $17 Trillion in Q1 2023

US household debt increased during the first quarter of 2023, hitting $17.05 trillion – the highest amount on record, according to a recent report by the New York Federal Reserve. Mortgage balances increased by $121 billion during the first quarter of 2023 and stood at… Read More

CBDC: Monetary Authority of Singapore, Federal Reserve Bank of New York Publish Results of Cross Border Payments and Blockchain Technology, Shows Promising Results

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s New York Innovation Center  (NYIC) have published a research report sharing the results of the joint Project Cedar Phase II x Ubin+ (Cedar x Ubin+). Singapore is typically viewed as the… Read More

New York Federal Reserve: Fintech Has Improved the Mortgage Lending Market

The New York Federal Reserve has published a staff report pertaining to “The Role of Technology in Mortgage Lending”. Authored by Andreas Fuster, Matthew Plosser, Philipp Schnabl, and James Vickery, the research asserts that Fintech is improving the mortgage lending market by making it more efficient… Read More

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