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NIN Ventures Begins International Expansion By Opening India Office

Nin Ventures announced on Monday it has begun its international expansion by opening its new office in India. It was revealed: “India is one of the most competitive nations in the world, equipped with both skilled and unskilled workforce in areas of science, engineering, technology,… Read More

NIN Ventures Opens Doors to Both Litecoin & Dogecoin Owners

On Tuesday, NIN Ventures announced, with the partnership with SnapCard, it will now allow Litecoin and Dogecoin owners to participate in the NIN Ventures Technology (QP) Fund. In January 2015, NIN Ventures teamed up with SnapCard to let Bitcoin owners invest in the NIN Ventures Technology (QP) Fund. Given… Read More

NIN Ventures Names Dr. Sunil Patel as a Board Advisor & Venture Partner

On Wednesday, Chicago-based NIN Ventures announced that it has added Dr. Sunil Patel to its roster as a board advisor and venture partner. The venture capital fund stated: “Our goal as NIN Ventures is to invest in disruptive technologies. With that in mind, we are… Read More

NIN Ventures Now Accepts Bitcoin

Nin Ventures launched its new investment crowdfunding platform early last year. The objective of the site was described as transforming the VC industry by creating an online marketplace for accredited investors leveraging Title II of the JOBS Act.  Chicago based Nin went on to launch its… Read More

NIN Ventures Raises $5 Million on Crowdfunder for its Next Generation Tech Fund

Chicago-based NIN Ventures, a venture capital fund that invests in early / growth stage financial services technology, education software, internet and digital media, mobile communication, cloud computing, and other path breaking companies, has reached $5 Million,  50% of its funding goal on Crowdfunder. The VC… Read More

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