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BrewDog Unveils “Tick Follows Tock” Parody As Part of New Beer Launch (Video)

On Thursday, perpetually crowdfunding company BrewDog unveiled a hilarious video for its new beer, Jet Black Heart. This video, which is called Tick Follows Tock, was reportedly created as a way to poke fun at Guinness’ horse surfer advertisings. The BrewDog team shared in a recent blog… Read More

Brief: “Smite” Developer Hi-Rez Studios Hits Kickstarter to Raise $50M For New Game; Cancels & Admits It Was a Joke (Video)

On Tuesday, Hi-Rez Studios, the developer of the popular third-person action multiplayer video game Smite, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $50 million so that it can create a new game (or sort of) that makes fun of popular projects that have used the funding method…. Read More

Nintendo Launches Crowdfunding Parody Site For “Game & Wario”

Nintendo and Warioware Inc. have launched a crowdfunding parody site called Crowdfarter as a promotional stunt for it’s upcoming Wii U game Game & Wario. No, people don’t contribute money like they would for a campaign on a traditional crowdfunding site. In this case users can unlock rewards… Read More

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