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Kickstarter Success Dacuda Releases Wireless Scanner PocketScan to the Public

On Monday, Dacuda launched its PocketScan product to the public. The limited Kickstarter edition of PocketScan is now available on shop.dacuda.com. Until July 19th, a limited amount of PocketScans will be sold at $99 instead of $169 as a special launch promotion. The public launch happens exactly one year after PocketScan’s successful Kickstarter campaign,… Read More

Dacuda’s PocketScan Now Over $320K on Kickstarter

Switzerland-based Dacuda has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its invention, the PocketScan. Although the original funding goal was only $50,000, the campaign has raised $321,471 from 2,898 backers since its launch on June 16th. According to the campaign website, the PocketScan is considered… Read More

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