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Dacuda’s PocketScan Now Over $320K on Kickstarter

Switzerland-based Dacuda has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its invention, the PocketScan. Although the original funding goal was only $50,000, the campaign has raised $321,471 from 2,898 backers since its launch on June 16th. According to the campaign website, the PocketScan is considered… Read More

Consumer Physcis’ SCiO Raises $2.7M During its Campaign on Kickstarter

Exciting news for Consumer Physics’ SCiO fans! Its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter raised $2,762,571 from 12,958 backers. Last week the company announced that it had reached $2.1 million and is now considered in the top 25 most funded campaigns ever on Kickstarter. Consumer Physics, an OurCrowd portfolio company,… Read More

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