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Joyride Offers 100K+ Podcasts New Ways to Monetize with In-App Fundraising & Rewards

Making money with podcasting shouldn’t be hard. With Joyride for Podcasts, it won’t be. On Wednesday (December 17th), the monetization and distribution website announced its new platform that makes it dead simple for podcasters to bring creative shows to their listeners, and just as easy for those listeners… Read More

Love it: Radiotopia is The Future of Radio & Most Successful Publishing Project on Kickstarter Ever

“We Are Living in the Golden Age of Story-telling.” While broadcast radio stumbles forward with pathetic shock jocks and painful morning drive shows, there is an audio revolution occurring today as consumers are choosing to stream on-demand content instead of enduring the self torture of… Read More

Gimlet Media Is Next Offer on Alphaworks. Easily Funds Just Like the Others.

Alphaworks, the sister platform to well known NYC accelerator and “startup studio” Betaworks, recently launched their 4th equity crowdfunding campaign to the world.  Following in the footsteps of Giphy, Quibb and See|Me, Gimlet easily raised the $200,000 that was available for the public (accredited) investors…. Read More

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