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Unikrn Teams Up With Dash Radio to Launch Crypto & Esports Radio Show

Unikrn, a high-tech betting platform for esports, announced on Tuesday it will begin distributing its weekly broadcasts to listeners of Dash Radio, DJ Skee’s digital radio broadcasting platform with more than 80 original stations and millions of listeners. The channel, “Unikrn Radio,” will focus on cryptocurrency… Read More

Primordial Radio Overfunds: Surpasses £130,000 Funding Target on Seedrs

Primordial Radio, a rock and metal entertainment service that combines the freedom of streaming with the intimacy of a radio, has successfully secured its initial £130,000 funding target on Seedrs, thanks to nearly 775 investors.  As previously reported, the music platform serves the UK rock and… Read More

Rock & Metal Music Service Primordial Radio Hits Seedrs to Raise £130,000

Primordial Radio, a rock and metal entertainment service that combines the freedom of streaming with the intimacy of a radio, has recently launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs to raise £130,000.  According to Primordial Radio, the platform serves the UK rock and metal community…. Read More

Actor/Director David Schwimmer Reportedly Helps Studs Terkel Radio Archive Kickstarter Surpass $75,000 Goal

Last month, creators of the Louis “Studs” Terkel Archive project launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a mission to raise $75,000. Terkel, who passed away in 2008, was a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and was host of Chicago’s WFMT radio show for nearly 50 years. Although the… Read More

Tourism Radio NZ Raises Over $211,000 Through Crowdfunding Campaign on Equitise

Equitise, a new Australian equity crowdfunding platform, announced this week that its very first investment opportunity, Tourism Radio New Zealand, has finished its funding round and successfully raised over $211,000. Equitise announced the campaign earlier this year, revealing that the company was needing to raise a… Read More

Love it: Radiotopia is The Future of Radio & Most Successful Publishing Project on Kickstarter Ever

“We Are Living in the Golden Age of Story-telling.” While broadcast radio stumbles forward with pathetic shock jocks and painful morning drive shows, there is an audio revolution occurring today as consumers are choosing to stream on-demand content instead of enduring the self torture of… Read More

NPR’s “Snap Judgement” Surpasses Initial Goal; Nears $172,000 During Final Days on Kickstarter

Snap Judgement fans, rejoice! With only four days left until its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter comes to an end, the popular NPR show surpasses its $150,000 goal and recently hit $171,510 thanks to 3,945 backers. As previously reported, the host and executive producer of public radio exchange and NPR’s… Read More

Host of NPR Radio Shows Uses Kickstarter to Keep it Alive For Sixth Season; Reaches $54,000 First Week

Host and executive producer of public radio exchange and NPR radio show, Snap Judgement, is making sure the series’ sixth season will stay on the air, even if that means turning to its fan for help. Glynn Washington launched a crowdfunding campaing on Kickstarter last week… Read More

Crowdfunding Platform for Podcasters, Internet Radio Sets Launch for March

PodFund Announces New Crowdfunding Platform for Podcasters, Internet Radio, Film and Video Production Now accepting submission for crowdfunding campaigns, PodFund, is a new platform for Internet audio and video content creators, The company was founded in December 2013.  Funding is scheduled to begin on March… Read More

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