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Head of Product at Composable Finance Explains How to Address Potential Vulnerabilities with Blockchain based Smart Contracts

We recently caught up with Brainjar, Head of Product at Composable Finance, which is described as a “hyper liquidity” infrastructure layer for decentralized finance (DeFi) assets that are being powered by Layer-2 Ethereum and Polkadot. Brainjar talked about issues with existing smart contracts and how… Read More

Switcheo Labs Deploys ZilBridge Mainnet, Creates Zilliqa/Ethereum Bridge

Switcheo Labs, a think tank supporting decentralized ecosystems in DeFi, has successfully deployed the mainnet for ZilBridge, a cross-chain interoperability bridge built on Zilliqa, a high-performance blockchain platform. Users of ZilBridge will be able to bridge WBTC, ETH, and USDT assets between the Zilliqa and… Read More

Happy Ending as Poly Network Receives All Funds Back, Including Bug Bounty

The Poly Network hack saga appears to be winding down as all of the funds have been returned along with the bug bounty.   As of now, #PolyNetwork has regained control of the $610M (not including the frozen $33M USDT) in assets affected in #polynetworkhack…. Read More

Astra Protocol, which Offers Legaltech for Crypto, Reports Significant Increase in DeFi Hacks, Fraudulent Activities

The team at Astra Protocol, which aims to equip the decentralized finance (DeFi) space with a complete legal layer and unlock the future growth of the industry, notes that operating within DeFi comes with “unpredictability” as well as key opportunities. Some of the main benefits… Read More

Poly Network Hackers Could Have Many Motives

While Poly Network may have escaped some of the worst of the damage from its recent security breach, there are questions it still must answer, AnChain.AI founder and CEO Dr. Victor Fang said recently. Fang said it appears the hack was caused by the exploitation… Read More

Poly Network Slowly Gets its Crypto Back. Looks to Patch the Vulnerabilities

Poly Network is slowly retrieving the stolen crypto in a nightmare scenario where over $600 million in value was illicitly transferred from the platform. Poly Network has been keeping its community abreast of developments via Twitter as they scramble to reverse the transfers which included… Read More

Poly Network Hack and DeFi Exploits Show Crypto Theft More Difficult than Stealing Fiat Funds: Report

The Poly Network attacker has been returning funds after managing to pull of the largest DeFi theft ever. On, August 10, 2021, an unidentified attacker had managed to steal around $612 million worth of virtual currency from cross-chain DeFi protocol Poly Network, making this the… Read More

Crypto Industry Insiders Comment on Massive $600 Milion Hack of Poly Network

The hack of Poly Network that pilfered over $600 million is the largest DeFi theft ever. While Poly Network reports having retrieved some of the crypto, hundreds of millions in digital assets are still yet to be returned.   $260 million (As of 11 Aug… Read More

$600 Million Lost in DeFi Hack as Poly Network Asks for Crypto Back

Poly Network has lost some crypto in an apparent hack. In fact, Poly Network has lost over $600 million in what is said to be the largest DeFi attack ever. In a series of tweets, Poly Network named the locations of the missing crypto.  … Read More

Blockchain Interoperability: DLT Platforms Neo, Ontology Switcheo to Launch Poly Network to Enable Cross-Platform Asset and Information Exchange

Blockchain platforms Ontology, Neo, and Switcheo have announced the launch of Poly Network, a “heterogeneous” distributed ledger technology (DLT) interoperability protocol alliance. The Poly Network will enable cross-platform interoperability, which should significantly increase transparency and accessibility. As mentioned in a blog post by Ontology: “Enterprises… Read More

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