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Project Awakened Announces Refund

Project Awakened, a third person action adventure game, announced a refund of all funds raised in from their crowdfunding campaign which fell short of their goals.  In an announcement posted on their web site they explained they were placing their crowdfunding effort on hold; Phosphor… Read More

Project Awakened seeks fan input about continued crowdfunding

Kickstarter may not have worked out for Project Awakened, but Phosphor Games Studio hasn’t given up on its crowdfunding efforts, turning to fans to determine whether it should turn to fans. After falling short of their $500,000 goal, a survey up on the game’s site… Read More

Project Awakened Announced, Looking For Crowdfunding

Project Awakened gives each player the opportunity to wholly define their dream video game character and put them into immersive action-packed environments which then respond to each person’s personal gameplay style and character creation. Originally conceived at Midway Games as an ambitious next gen game… Read More

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