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UK’s “Pay-As-You-Go” Psonar Launches Crowdcube Campaign Just One Year After SyndicateRoom Success

In an effort to get ahead of its competitors, Spotify, new UK-based Psonar has hit equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube to raise £250,000 so that it can continue to develop its music services. Psnoar is described as an on-demand streaming music service (aka a virtual jukebox in the… Read More

Music Service PSonar Closes Successful Funding Round on SyndicateRoom

PSonar closed fully crowdfunded on SyndicateRoom having raised just over £200,000 representing 9.16% equity in the small company.  The “pay as you play” service is looking to compete with other well known music streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer and Rdio.  A cloud based service,… Read More

PSonar, Spotify Competitor, Crowdfunds on SyndicateRoom

Equity Crowdfunding Offer Set to Close Sunday.  Pay-as-you-play streaming music service PSonar is raising capital on SyndicateRoom. The equity crowdfunding offering is looking to raise £200,000 for 9.16% equity in the small company.  The offer is nearly complete and has already captured over £180,000 from… Read More

SyndicateRoom Creates Angel / Crowdfunding Combo Site Lists Deals

SyndicateRoom is a UK crowdfunding platform that allows small investors to participate in crowdfunding alongside “professional” angel investors.  This integrated form of crowdfunding creates a symbiotic relationship where the pros lend credence to the offer via their due-diligence and lead funding.  The minimum amount for… Read More

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