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+POOL Kickstarter Part 2 To Be Fully Funded

With 24 hours left in the campaign the +POOL seems certain to be fully funded, needing just a few thousand dollars to reach a goal of $250K. The +POOL project promises a pool that will float in the Hudson river, clean the river water and… Read More

Crazy Hudson River Pool Launches Second Crowdfunding Campaign, Hopes For August 2013 Test Run

Family and PlayLab are two New York-based design firms that happen to share an office space. The two firms have put their heads together to try and build a crazy pool that will float in the Hudson river, clean the river water and allow New… Read More

Fund This Kickstarter To See Fireworks Over the Boston Harbor on Labor Day

For the first time in 15 years, Boston’s Labor Day weekend celebrations could get an extra boost of light. Nearly two dozen local nonprofits and public agencies have banded together to bring fireworks to the Boston Harbor on Labor Day weekend, Saturday, August 31, 2013…. Read More

Italian crowdfunding platforms

Italy could become the first country in the world to pass a law on crowdfunding . give us to act even Forbes after the publication of the draft of the Consob Regulation . The document is open for comment until 30 April and will be used to operationalize the provisions of the decree Growth 2.0 . After work will be… Read More

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