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In Hawaii, Proposed Bill Would Establish First-Of-Its-Kind Civic Crowdfunding Program For School Repairs

A bill proposed in Hawaii’s House of Representatives aims to establish a pilot program for civic crowdfunding in the island state. HB 2631 was introduced on January 23rd of 2014 and its five sponsors include members from both sides of the aisle, continuing a trend… Read More

How A Rhode Island Town Used Crowdfunding For A Public Works Project

Central Falls, Rhode Island Director of Economic Development Shares Insights For Other Cities Looking To Crowdfund Public Projects In the wake of the financial crisis, budgets at all levels of government have tightened. Words like “sequester” are now a part of our common, everyday lexicon…. Read More

Central Falls, Rhode Island Takes To Citizinvestor To Bootstrap Public Works Project

Central Falls, Rhode Island is “the smallest city in the smallest state” in the United States, but it is a densely populated city; it’s comprised of nearly 20,000 residents in an area of about one square mile. Central Falls fell on hard times in the… Read More

Space Solar Power: Could Crowdfunding Change The World?

…there is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to introduce a new order of things.Political observer, ca. 1500 A.D. The crowdfunding narrative has been dominated by tech startups, manufacturing projects, philanthropic projects, music, film,… Read More

Philadelphia Uses ‘Crowdfunding’ to Complete Civic Projects

City Hall is leveraging an innovative idea to fund community projects and gain citizen involvement. The Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department’s Youth Urban Agriculture Program has a new initiative kicking off this summer — an intergenerational garden at the Rivera Recreation Center, located in the 3200… Read More

This Beautiful Wooden Pedestrian Bridge Was Crowdfunded When The City Couldn’t Pay

In Rotterdam, a new bridge connects two parts of the city that were previously cut off by roads with heavy traffic. But it’s not a city project: Each piece of wood bears the name of the person who helped pay for it. The Luchtsingel is a footbridge… Read More

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