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Watch: Rodrigo Davies On Why Citizens Back Civic Crowdfunding Projects

Rodrigo Davies writes regularly on the topic of civic crowdfunding at the MIT Center for Civic Media blog, and his most recent post raises an important and interesting question: is crowdfunding participatory citizenship or a sign of institutions in decline? He frames the question in… Read More

How A Rhode Island Town Used Crowdfunding For A Public Works Project

Central Falls, Rhode Island Director of Economic Development Shares Insights For Other Cities Looking To Crowdfund Public Projects In the wake of the financial crisis, budgets at all levels of government have tightened. Words like “sequester” are now a part of our common, everyday lexicon…. Read More

Central Falls, Rhode Island Takes To Citizinvestor To Bootstrap Public Works Project

Central Falls, Rhode Island is “the smallest city in the smallest state” in the United States, but it is a densely populated city; it’s comprised of nearly 20,000 residents in an area of about one square mile. Central Falls fell on hard times in the… Read More

Citizinvestor Finds Small Change Leads To Better Results For Petition Section

Citizinvestor is a crowdfunding platform with a separate section dedicated to ideas and petitions. Project creators can pitch their ideas to the crowd in exchange for “signatures” in the form of a digital thumbs-up from backers. The section, formerly called Citizinvestor Petitions, has been rebranded… Read More

Can crowdfunding save city budgets?

There’s a new frontier in this online world of fundraising and it’s within our cities. With shrinking budgets and crumbling infrastructure, some say it’s time to hit the internet to find money to pay for bridges, parks even street lighting. Others worry, that crowdfunding civic… Read More

Philadelphia Uses ‘Crowdfunding’ to Complete Civic Projects

City Hall is leveraging an innovative idea to fund community projects and gain citizen involvement. The Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department’s Youth Urban Agriculture Program has a new initiative kicking off this summer — an intergenerational garden at the Rivera Recreation Center, located in the 3200… Read More

Citizinvestor: Tampa crowdfunding startup funds first project

Tampa-based crowdfunding startup Citizinvestor funded its first project last week and blind students in Boston now have the technology they need in school. Citizinvestor started late this summer on a mission to add an element to the crowdfunding landscape that was not being widely targeted… Read More

Crowdfunding sites target civic projects

Call it democracy a la carte: A new breed of civic-minded start-ups wants to let citizens decide directly what improvements they want in their neighborhoods, from new dog parks to park repairs, and allow them to donate toward the cost. Using the crowdfunding money-raising model… Read More

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