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Bitcoin First: Invest in Asset-Backed Securities with Crypto on Racefield’s RCX Debt Trading Platform

Racefields has announced that its debt trading platform RCX will now accept Bitcoin. Racefields is claiming a “world’s first” service as they will now open up debt sellers to the growing wealth of the Bitcoin community.   Both institutional and individual investors may now invest… Read More

Racefields RCX Debt Trading Platform Expands into Singapore

Manchester-based Racefields is reporting it has inked a partnership with an unnamed platform in Singapore to expand its debt trading platform RCX to the southeast Asian country. Through the partnership, any deals listed on the RCX platform that match the investment criteria of the funder… Read More

Racefields: £5.7 in Bridge Loans in Just 2 Weeks

Racefields has announced that its debt trading platform RCX has garnered a listings value of £5.7 million in just two weeks following platform launch. The platform shares that each bridge loan is value from between £250,00 to £1.7 million. These loans are a mix of… Read More

Debt Trading Platform Racefields Credit Exchange Wants to Become PayPal of Loan Bridging

A new online platform, the Racefields Credit Exchange (RCX), has launched this week with the goal of becoming the PayPal of the loan bridging industry in a market they believe is underserved. The  RCX platform is said to be the first of its kind in… Read More

Racefields Launches P2P Loan Finder

Manchester based Racefields has launched a free peer to peer loan finder designed to aid businesses in their search for an appropriate loan. Racefields states that unlike other loan comparison sites which only point businesses in the general direction of lenders, Racefields will actually apply… Read More

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