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Indonesia: Residential Property Price Survey Reveals Prices in Primary Market are Rising Annually

The latest Residential Property Price Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia in the third quarter of 2023 indicates “that residential property prices in the primary market are still rising annually, with growth of the Residential Property Price Index (RPPI) accelerating to 1.96% (yoy) from 1.92% (yoy)… Read More

Homegrown Launches Resident Development Platform For Everyday Investors

On Thursday, Homegrown, launched its residential property investment platform focusing solely on the construction of new homes. The FCA-authorized platform will now provide retail investors with access quality residential development projects alongside institutional investors and is targeting average net returns of 15% per annum. The minimum… Read More

VentureCrowd Closes Clearstate’s Sydney Resident Property Deal After Securing $1M in Four Hours

On Tuesday, Australia’s equity crowdfunding platform VentureCrowd announced the closing of Clearstate’s recent deal, which secured $1 million in four hours. The end-to-end property development company took to the funding portal to raise $900,000 for residential property development in Sydney. According to a press release provided… Read More

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