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As Fintech Industry Matures, the Need for Policy Advocacy Grows: OLPI and MPL Merge to Form American Fintech Council

Financial technology or Fintech has been growing at a rapid pace for years now. Starting with online capital formation, today a growing number of sophisticated financial services are going through a much-needed. digital transformation. This can mean better/cheaper access to services for more consumers and… Read More

Proposed OCC National Fintech Charter Comments & Feedback

Last December, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) – part of the Department of Treasury-  proposed a “National Bank Charter for Fintech Companies”. The exploration stirred up a hornet’s nest of public officials that were not too pleased the OCC would think… Read More

Lending Club Hires Former PWC Executive to Head Regulatory and Government Affairs

Peer to peer lending platform Lending Club has announced the hire of Richard Neiman to lead the P2P sites regulatory and government affairs office.  Neiman was previously Vice Chairman of Global Financial Services Regulatory Practice at PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP.  He has also held senior positions at… Read More

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