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Ron Suber Departs Prosper Marketplace

Ron Suber, an iconic voice in the emerging Fintech sector and the most prominent leader in the marketplace lending industry, has announced his departure from Prosper Marketplace. First reported in a note published on LendAcademy, after five years of leadership at Prosper,  Suber has determined… Read More

Prosper Report: System Error Overstates Return on Loans

Prosper Marketplace, one of the largest online lending platforms in the US, has apparently been overstating annual investment returns on loans due to an error in their systems. Bloomberg reported yesterday that investors were being notified of the error and that the issue has been… Read More

Prosper Backs Out of Secondary Market for Loans

According to multiple reports, Prosper is shutting down secondary trading for it’s loans eliminating a liquidity path for retail investors. The justification was stated as lack of demand. Bloomberg reported that Sarah Cain, a Prosper spokesperson, explained the decision as one driven by utilization; “While… Read More

Moody’s Confirms Ratings on Prosper Backed Bonds, Pulls Warning

Moody’s confirmed ratings on securities backed by pools of unsecured consumer installment loans originated by Prosper. The bonds which were sold by Citigroup got hit by a downgrade warning earlier this year. Moody’s has now removed the warning in a rating action this past Thursday. According to… Read More

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