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Brief: Kickstarter Campaign Guarantees Refunds If Facebook Buys The Company For $2 Billion

The $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR by Facebook looms large over the crowdfunding space as evidenced by this tongue-in-cheek offer to backers of the Terribands Kickstarter campaign. If Facebook buys the company for $2 billion, they’ll issue refunds to crowdfunding backers. Now there’s some… Read More

@Livestock Posts Open Letter To Kickstarter Backers (Satire)

On Something Awful, comedian Josh “Livestock” Boruff (@Livestock) posted a satirical open letter to his Kickstarter backers mocking those ubiquitous “final backer updates” in the rewards-based crowdfunding world, the kind that often contain deep personal introspection and tales of personal strife. It seems that –… Read More

“Kung Fury” Could Change The Way We Look At Kickstarter-Funded Films

Kung Fury is part comedy, part action and – from the looks of the trailer – completely hilarious. The movie is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and the film’s creator is seeking $200,000 from the crowd to turn the movie into a feature length film. With… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 8, 2013

Gamasutra | Square Enix shares its publishing vision for Collective Sure, we know that Square Enix is going to be launching Collective in an effort to help indie developers find funding from the crowd. How is it going to work? Here, Gamasutra breaks it down…. Read More

On Indiegogo: Two Ridiculous Campaigns Mock Crowdfunding

The ability to laugh at yourself is important from time to time, and I do believe this is the case for crowdfunding as well. Two campaigns on Indiegogo right now embrace that ethos in trying to fund ridiculous ideas. Indiegogo is a very open platform,… Read More

WATCH: Nikola Tesla Pitching Silicon Valley VCs

Imagine a world in which the great inventors of our day were forced to seek funding from venture capitalists and angel groups. Would Edison, Tesla, Ford and others have been successful in just such a climate? Northern Imagination would likely answer no. The YouTube user… Read More

WATCH: Help Kickstart World War III! (Satire)

The Second City Network posted this satirical video to YouTube yesterday announcing the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise $1.6 trillion. The goal? To help kickstart World War III. The fake pitch video promises things like “organic, grass-fed bombs,” “hybrid Prius tanks,” and “drones… Read More

Still Here: FundRazr Spoofs Kickstarter’s Canadian Launch Page

In light of Kickstarter’s entry into the Canadian crowdfunding market, FundRazr posted this satirical launch page reminding Canadian crowdfunders that they’ve been there from the beginning. The page offers some “helpful tips aboot the Great White North,” including… Creatives are not the only Canadians who… Read More

WATCH: Crowdfunding Better Signs For The Homeless (Satire)

I’m an unabashed fan of some of the satirical crowdfunding content that floats around the Internet. It provides a healthy opportunity to laugh at ourselves from time to time. Let’s face it, the crowdfunding space does occasionally get a little ridiculous! The Above Average YouTube… Read More

WATCH: Cracked Funding A Million Dollar Kickstarter Pitch Video (Satire)

Rewards-based crowdfunding and the celebrity-driven campaigns that go with it are providing plenty of cannon fodder for US comedians. Cracked recently posted this video of a would-be actor creating a pitch video to fund a pitch video for his Kickstarter campaign. Sure, we all love… Read More

WATCH: The Onion, Brendan Fraser Tackle Celebrity Kickstarters

Kings of online satire The Onion have released a video detailing a (fake) Kickstarter campaign in which Brendan Fraser asks his fans for money so he can make a movie. He even says please! Watch below… Brendan Fraser: ‘I Would Like To Apply For One Kickstarter,… Read More

WATCH: Stop A Kickstarter With Kickstopper

“Last year 18,000 projects were funded on Kickstarter. How many should have been? Maybe a dozen.” The Official Comedy channel on YouTube posted this satirical video on Kickstarter, taking a jab at Kickstarter project creators and the people who back crowdfunding projects. Watch below…

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