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Canada: FINTRAC Requires Charity Platforms to Comply with AML/KYC Rules, NCFA Criticizes Regulatory Move

The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) is now requiring charity platforms to perform AML/KYC processes on transactions. FINTRAC already requires crowdfunding platforms that provide services to raise funds or virtual currency and certain payment service providers to register as money services… Read More

Fundrazr Anounces White Label Features: “Now Businesses Can Run Crowdfunding Campaigns Under Their Own Brand”

This week, crowdfunding platform Fundrazr announced their white label features, which allows businesses that are using its platform to now control their campaigns. The website stated branding is a powerful part of what engages followers, and it also instills trust in raising funds. Rather than companies securing… Read More

Supporters of Former UBS trader Tom Hayes Look to Raise £150,000 on Fundrazr For New Appeal

Supporters of Tom Hayes, a former UBS Group AG trader serving 11 years in prison for rigging Libor, are looking to raise £150,000 ($218,000) on crowdfunding platform Fundrazr for a new appeal. Hayes, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome last year, was arrested in December 2012 following a… Read More

Data Reveals: Rewards Crowdfunding is the New Seed-Funding

Data provided by TheCrowdfundingCentre asserts that crowdfunding is the vehicle driving an “unprecedented” global wave of innovation.  In a report entitled, “2016: State of the Crowdfunding Nation”, the authors state that rewards based crowdfunding is providing much needed seed funding for smaller firms thus generating… Read More

Fundrazr: 7 Steps to Nailing the Number 1 Key to Campaign Success

Crowdfunding portal and software provider Fundrazr recently unveiled some key advice for crowdfunding campaign success. The Fundrazr team declared in a blog post: “As humans, we are all bound by storytelling. That’s why when you make a crowdfunding campaign, the first questions we ask you… Read More

Is Culture Killing Equity Crowdfunding in Canada?

  American culture is known for celebrating “winners.”  Canadians are known for being modest and risk averse.  Could this cultural difference explain why Canadian equity crowdfunding appears to be relatively underdeveloped so far?  We checked out the funds actually raised in 2015 and talked to some of Canada’s… Read More

Crowdfunding: From Impossible, to Improbable to Inevitable in less than 10 years

  It was not that long ago that the term “crowdfunding” entered into the common lexicon. Today we regularly watch, or read about, multi-million crowdfunding campaigns delivering the next big thing to supportive consumers who are willing to wait a bit longer to receive a perk,… Read More

Now Live: PetFundr, One Of The World’s First Animal-Only Crowdfunding Platforms

From lolcats to Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos, the cute, fuzzy and furry meowing at the door or loopily chasing their tails outside have a special draw on the Internet. Now, PetFundr, one of the first crowdfunding sites solely dedicated to animal welfare, is live, thanks to a successful partnership with… Read More

Fundrazr: Building Social Equity for Crowdfunding (Infographic)

Crowdfunding portal and software provider Fundrazr has created another infographic for those interested in crowdfunding.   This time they are talking about building social equity.  If you don’t have it now – don’t start your crowdfunding campaign because it is imperative to have social reach… Read More

CrowdfundSuite, Funding Solutions for Business, Launched by Former Fundrazr Executive

CrowdfundSuite is a new funding hub that has been launched to enable both existing crowdfunding channel players and interested private capital industry stakeholders to successfully navigate and profit from the exploding Alternative Funding sector. CrowdfundSuite seeks to provide platform access, services and education across the… Read More

Canadian Media Group Launches Community Crowdfunding Initiative Platform FundAid

Earlier this month, Vancouver-based Glacier Media announced the launch of its own community crowdfunding service initiative called FundAid. According to the Vancouver Courier, which is owned by Glacier Media, FundAid is will tap into its newspapers’ deep ties to its communities to help raise awareness for… Read More

Fundrazr: Essential Crowdfunding Tips for Your Campaign (Infographic)

    Our creative friends in Canada are at it again.  Fundrazr has put together an Infographic on the 11 Essential Ingredients crowdfunding campaigns need. For those of us who engage with the crowdfunding world every day – this seems like pretty obvious stuff.  But… Read More

New Brunswick’s Morgentaler Abortion Clinic Raises Over $77,000 During the First Week of Campaign

Hoping to stop the closing of the only private abortion clinic in the Maritimes, Fredericton-based Morgentaler Clinic launched a crowdfunding campaign on FundRazr to raise $100,000. Within a week and a half, the project has surpassed half of its goal. According to The Star, the… Read More

Fundrazr: Potato Salad Kickstarter Funds Could Be Used to Change Lives (Infographic)

The Potato Salad Kickstarter campaign has quickly become an internet meme and will soon become an urban legend.  The thought that a $10 crowdfunding campaign to make … Potato Salad.. could raise over $40,000 (and depending on the time and day much more) is pretty… Read More

A New Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy – Integrated Corporate Crowdfunding

Large companies operate differently than startups and entrepreneurs, but can still use the same tool – crowdfunding. There is a global push towards Corporate Social Responsibility and creating shared value, which has been embraced by many companies like Cisco, Nestle, and Intel (to name a… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Canada: Proposed Exemptions (Infographic)

There have been a couple of infographics produced explaining the regulatory situation in Canada following “crowdfunding” day when all of the provincial securities regulators banded together to make a joint announcement on their proposed approach towards investment crowdfunding.  On March 20, 2014, 7 of the… Read More

FundRazr & Fundica Partner Up on Funding Roadshow

Two of Canada’ crowdfunding platforms, Fundica and FundRazr, have partnered to put together a 2014 Funding Roadshow.  Powered by FundRazr, the “Fundees Crowdfunding Competition” will be unveiled in both Toronto and Guelph, Ontario. Two Canadian startups will win a prize worth $10,000.  The competition will… Read More

The Funding Continuum Enters Stage Left

This article originally appeared in ITBusiness and is being shared with Crowdfund Insider’s readers by Bret Conkin of FundRazr. The rules posted yesterday by Canadian securities regulators are still being digested, but upon first read, they appear very encouraging for Canadian startups, small business and… Read More

PayPal Calls For More Disclosure For Pretail-Powered Crowdfunding Campaigns

In a blog post published yesterday, PayPal Chief Risk Officer Tomer Barel announced a set of changes regarding how PayPal will approach crowdfunding as a payment provider. Consider this excerpt, emphasis ours… Together with the crowdfunding sites, we identify if campaigns are strictly fundraising or… Read More

The First 24 Hours Are Everything For A Personal Crowdfunding Campaign (Infographic)

  FundRazr has shared the following infographic highlighting the platform’s top five personal campaigns for the last six months. There are two notable lessons to be gleaned from the data… The first 24 hours are crucial – Every single one of these campaigns had raised thousands… Read More

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