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University of Oregon Foundation Teams Up with ScaleFunder to Build New Giving Platform

The University of Oregon Foundation announced the launch of a new giving platform last week, to continue its support of UO’s initiatives. The new platform is built on top of technology from ScaleFunder, a crowdfunding tech provider focusing on nonprofit, university and technology funding. It launches with the… Read More

UC Berkeley Launches Crowdfunding Platform

UC Berkeley revealed last year that it intended to launch a campus wide crowdfunding platform and that came to fruition this past Monday. Described as a “beta phase”, the site will allow students, faculty and researchers to raise money for projects. The site launched with 5,… Read More

University of Maryland Launches Own Crowdfunding Site: Launch UMD

The University of Maryland has launched their very own crowdfunding platform:  Launch UMD.  The site is designed for both students and faculty to raise funding on “impactful projects”.  Organizers hope the platform will help facilitate change via innovation  Launch UMD fired up their platform with 5 live… Read More

UCLA Launches UCLA Spark, A Crowdfunding Platform For Students & Faculty

UCLA has launched UCLA Spark, an online crowdfunding platform aimed at providing critical fundraising support for innovative projects by UCLA faculty and official student organizations. The platform launches today with five active projects covering topics like females in software engineering, landmark preservation and caring for cancer… Read More

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