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First Ever: Inaugural Los Angeles Blockchain Week Happens in October

A confluence of events has brought together a series of blockchain /crypto conferences to create the first ever Los Angeles Blockchain Week. Just announced, Crypto Invest Summit, StartEngine Summit, Women of Crypto, Expert Dojo, UCLA and USC have all joined together to create LA Blockchain… Read More

Experiment, a Scientific Research Crowdfunding Platform, Trends on AngelList: Enables Seed Stage Research

Science for the people, by the people. Experiment, the crowdfunding platform for scientific research, is currently trending on AngelList, and for good reason: researchers from over 150 institutions and universities are using Experiment to fund important seed-stage research that would otherwise go unfunded.  The new… Read More

UCLA Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Fix Flooding Woes

In response toe the massive flooding that hit the UCLA campaign, university officials launched a crowdfunding campaign this morning.  The campaign is hosted on the university’s very own UCLA Spark platform.  The goal is to raise $1 million over the next two months. On July… Read More

Canadian Microbiologist Looks to Crowdfunding to Aid New Cancer Therapy

Canadian microbiologist Elizabeth Bent has an idea that just might transform cancer therapy and she is looking for help by crowdfunding on RocketHub. About five months ago, Bent came across an intriguing study showing that certain types of bacteria in the human gut can reduce… Read More

UCLA Launches UCLA Spark, A Crowdfunding Platform For Students & Faculty

UCLA has launched UCLA Spark, an online crowdfunding platform aimed at providing critical fundraising support for innovative projects by UCLA faculty and official student organizations. The platform launches today with five active projects covering topics like females in software engineering, landmark preservation and caring for cancer… Read More

The Spinpod Promises Perfect Panoramic Smartphone Photos

Two PhD candidates from UCLA have a campaign on Kickstarter seeking $75,000 to bring the Spinpod to market. The Spinpod promises to help users capture high-quality panoramic images and time-lapse video easily with their smartphones and full cameras. “Our goal was to develop a device that… Read More

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