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Second Kickstarter For ‘Shadow of the Eternals’ Fails

A second Kickstarter campaign for Shadow of the Eternals has failed to reach a goal of $750,000. This was the second Kickstarter campaign for what was to be the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, a title released by Nintendo in 2002. It was critically acclaimed, although it also fell… Read More

Shadow of the Eternals Reported to Relaunch Kickstarter Campaign for Lower Amount

It was previously reported the Shadows of the Eternals had canceled their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  The campaign had been halted standing at $128,000 raised on a goal of $1.35 Million.  The original end date was to be the 19th of June. Now there are… Read More

Shadow of the Eternals Stops Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

In a backers update posted on Kickstarter, organizers of the crowdfunding campaign for Shadows of the Eternals has announced they are at least temporarily pulling their campaign.  Previously there were rumblings that if the crowdfunding campaign was not successful, the game most likely would not… Read More

Shadow of the Eternals unlikely to be finished if crowdfunding is unsuccessful

Precursor COO Shawn Jackson was asked during a Reddit AMA whether the game would come to market if the Kickstarter did not reach its target. “Since we do not have any other source of funding, it is unlikely,” he said. “We will entertain all options to make… Read More

Crowdfunding gone bad? The alarming T&Cs behind Shadow of the Eternals

New studio Precursor chose not to fund its ‘spiritual successor’ to Shadow of the Eternals via Kickstarter, and perhaps now we know why. As investigated by Polygon, the project is asking for ‘donations’. If it were being run on Kickstarter then Precursor would only be able… Read More

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