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Shawn Owen: Co-Founder at SALT Comments on Why Crypto Lending Platforms have Raised Interest Rates on Deposits

Crypto lending platforms, including BlockFi, Ledn, and Nexo, have recently raised their interest rates on deposits. Historically, crypto lending platforms have offered fairly steep returns. The question is, why? They’re citing a lack of options for borrowers, given both Celsius and Voyager going bankrupt, but… Read More

Blockchain based Security Management Platform Equa Raises $2.5 Million, Purchases Bitcoin, Adds NFT Service

Equa has received $2.5 million in funding in a private offering. Simultaneously, Equa said it will be purchasing Bitcoin which will go into Bitcoin treasury and corporate treasury tools. According to the company, Bitcoin-backed promissory notes will be issued at two separate interest rates depending… Read More

Equity Management Platform Equa Integrates with TokenSoft, PolyMath, Aikon and Horizen Labs

Equa has announced integration partnerships with TokenSoft, Horizen Labs, PolyMath, and AIKON. Equa is a blockchain-based equity management platform that facilitates the management of digital assets. Shawn Owen, CEO of Equa, said that businesses need a better way to align their business goals and the… Read More

Equa Announces New Blockchain Enabled Incentive Plans

Equa, a “crypto-backed” platform that helps organizations to manage stakeholders from a company’s formation to fundraising and growth, has announced a new service as part of its portfolio of offerings. Equa now enables incentive plans such as ESOPs (employee stock ownership plans) to better help… Read More

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