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Fiserv: Social Media Compliance Monitoring Poor

Employee social media communications leave financial institutions at risk, even as U.S. regulators threaten fines, results of a study from compliance services provider Shield and business communications firm LeapXpert show. Only 51% of institutions monitor employee communications over WhatsApp. Even fewer watch SMS, iMessage, LINE,… Read More

Ofir Shabtai: CTO of Shield Reveals Why Banks are Moving Towards Cloud Adoption

We recently caught up with Ofir Shabtai, CTO of Shield, an Israel-based Regtech firm. Banks are crawling toward hybrid cloud solutions. Given this key trend, Ofir Shabtai from Shield talked abut how to balance the modern need for the cloud with the security of on-premise… Read More

Regtech Shield Raises $20 Million Series B, OurCrowd Joins Round

Shield, an Israel-based Regtech, has raised $20 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Macquarie Capital and joined by UBS Next, and Mindset. Notably, global securities crowdfunding platform OurCrowd backed the funding round after participating in the Series A. Shield is a… Read More

Regtech Shield Partners with LeapXpert to Provide Real-Time Surveillance Across Encrypted Messaging Apps

Shield, the Workplace Intelligence platform for compliance teams, reveals that it has teamed up with LeapXpert, a provider of in front-office conversational solutions. LeapXpert’s Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform (FMOP) has been designed to support the real-time control, monitoring, and capture of conversations on mobile messaging… Read More

Tel Aviv based Regtech Shield Introduces Alert Transparency Capabilities by Leveraging AI, NLP

The team at Tel Aviv-based Shield, an established Regtech firm, reveals that they’re introducing their powerful Alert Transparency capabilities, bringing “unmatched” understanding to compliance alerts and triggers via AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and various other backend technologies. As regulatory authorities throughout the world aim… Read More

Regtech Shield Launches INSIDERS Service to Track Insider Trading

Shield, a UK based Regtech, has launched a solution that is said to combine its Insider Trading and Information Handling feature to provide greater monitoring of employees. The Shield “INSIDERS” is described as using AI, to provide a highly accurate integrated approach to monitor all… Read More

Eran Noam From Shield Explains How Natural Language Processing and Financial Context Recognition Help with Business Compliance Processes

Israel based Regtech firm Shield was recently chosen to join the IBM Cloud for Financial Services ecosystem. Many financial institutions have been migrating or deploying new applications on Cloud-powered platforms that streamline routine banking and related business processes. We recently caught up with Eran Noam,… Read More

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