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Following Kickstarter Success: Rocketbook Moves Everlast Notebook Project to Indiegogo InDemand

Following the closing of its highly successful Kickstarter campaign, Rocketbook’s Everlast Notebook is now seeking additional funding through Indiegogo’s InDemand feature. The project raised $1,823,227 from 28,138 backers. The Everlast Notebook provides a classic pen and paper experience; it is built for the digital age. Although it looks… Read More

Indiegogo Announces New Pilot Program: No Crowdfunding Campaign Required to Sell Products on the Platform

On Tuesday, Indiegogo announced it was rolling out a new pilot program that allows entrepreneurs to sell products directly on its global crowdfunding platform. The funding portal revealed that entrepreneurs with products that are currently shipping might tap into its community of “innovation seeks” without… Read More

Zane Lamprey Moves Adv3nture Hoodie to Indiegogo InDemand (Video)

Following the closing of Adv3nture Hoodie’s epic Kickstarter campaign, creator Zane Lamprey decided to move the already popular piece of clothing to Indiegogo’s InDemand program. The Adv3nture Hoodie has a total of nine pockets, along with a sunglass holder, pillow conversion, bottle opener zipper, reflective cabling, reflective… Read More

Indiegogo Offers Up “Crowdfunding Campaign Follow-Up” Advice

Continuing to offer more tips for crowdfunding campaign organizers, Indiegogo has unveiled some advice about what to do after the initiative is done. The global platform shared: “Congratulations – you have officially run your very own crowdfunding campaign! For the past few months (or more!),… Read More

Next Successful Kickstarter Campaign Moves to Indiegogo to Continue Sales

The revolving door of successful Kickstarter campaigns migrating to Indiegogo to extend product sales is continuing. Ravean, the “World’s First Heated Down Jacket with Mobile Charging” set out to raise a mere $100,000.  The project closed on Kickstarter last week at over $1.3 million driven by… Read More

Questionable Crowdfunding Project Skarp Lazer Razor Secures Over $412,000 & Joins Indiegogo InDemand Program

Well, despite being one of the most questioned projects, the Skarp Lazer Razor has secured over $412,000 and has joined Indiegogo InDemand. Skarp, which originally launched on Kickstarter last month, uses lasers to clip the unwanted hair. The creators (Skarp Technologies) promise an irritation free… Read More

Another Big Kickstarter Success Moves Over to Indiegogo to Leverage InDemand

Another big Kickstarter crowdfunding success has made the decision to migrate its campaign to competitor Indiegogo following the end of the project on Kickstarter.  PUGZ, called the “worlds smallest wireless earbuds charged through your phone”, raised a hefty $1.43 million from over 10,000 backers on… Read More

Brief: Indiegogo Alums Bluesmart & Miss Possible Discuss Crowdfunding Success

Continuing to enjoy the success of their well-known Indiegogo campaigns, startups Bluesmart and Miss Possible sat down with the crowdfunding platform to share details about the initiatives and big achievements. The Bluesmart suitcase is high-quality carry-on that the user can control from their phone. Its size is… Read More

Indiegogo Offers Up Advice on How to Maximize Crowdfunding Campaigns with InDemand Feature

Just one year after debuting InDemand, crowdfunding platform Indiegogo announced tips and tricks on how campaign organizers can take advantage of this feature. The Indiegogo crew shared: “When we first launched InDemand in September 2014, we wanted campaigners to be able to keep raising funds for… Read More

Indiegogo Offers Up Five Tips for InDemand Success

With more and more projects looking into Indiegogo InDemand, the platform has offered some tips on how to be successful by using the program. Indiegogo noted, “InDemand makes it easy to continue raising funds after your campaign deadline. Campaigns in InDemand have reached their goal, met their… Read More

Indiegogo Success & InDemand Participant Silent Beacon Set to Unleash Smartphone Application

Silent Beacon, Inc., an innovator in personal protection, announced today that its personal safety app is now live, with the Silent Beacon device coming out next month. The startup surfaced last year on Indiegogo and has since raised well over $70,000 in pre-orders. Designed to… Read More

Indiegogo Merges Crowdfunding & E-Commerce Closer with InDemand

Global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has announced a new service called InDemand.  The service was originally called Forever Funding. In a growing recognition of the overlap between rewards based campaigns and “pretail” or “presales” type projects,  Indiegogo is further facilitating the transition from crowdfunding to e-commerce… Read More

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