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Bugbear Flexes Crowdfunding Muscles On Steam After Failed Kickstarter

In late 2013, Helsinki-based video game studio Bugbear launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming title, the ambiguously-named Next Car Game. The campaign sought $350,000 in funding, but it became clear shortly after launch that the stated funding goal was going to be a reach. The… Read More

Valve & SteamOS: Video Game Crowdfunding In Your Living Room

Greenlight is essentially a crowdsourcing platform where any of Steam’s 75,000,000 active users can help to determine what games get launched on Steam, the Valve-owned video game marketplace. It’s step one in a game development funnel Valve has used to empower smaller developers and studios…. Read More

Valve’s SteamOS A Future Boon To Crowdfunded Games & Indie Devs?

While the crowdfunding world was busy celebrating the lifting of the ban on general solicitation, Valve Corporation made a big announcement in the gaming world. The announcement has the potential to provide a boon to an increasingly robust crowdfunded indie game scene. First, a bit… Read More

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