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Creators of The Stomping Land Kickstarter Leave Backers in Limbo As Art Lead Bails & Developer Stops Responding

GameSpot recently announced that Kickstarter-success The Stomping Land is now in a limbo state due to its art lead quitting and its creator no longer responding to emails from concerned backers. Back in June 2013, the multiplayer dinosaur-survival game took to the crowdfunding giant seeking only $20,000…. Read More

Double Fine’s Tim Schafer: “There’s a bunch of people who hate the idea of what we’re doing”

Late last week, Games Industry International published an interview with DoubleFine’s Tim Schafer that discussed the studio’s recent experiences with Kickstarter at length. It’s an interesting look into the crowdfunding process from the perspective of a company that has raised millions using crowdfunding. Perhaps the most… Read More

Bugbear Flexes Crowdfunding Muscles On Steam After Failed Kickstarter

In late 2013, Helsinki-based video game studio Bugbear launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming title, the ambiguously-named Next Car Game. The campaign sought $350,000 in funding, but it became clear shortly after launch that the stated funding goal was going to be a reach. The… Read More

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