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Bugbear Flexes Crowdfunding Muscles On Steam After Failed Kickstarter

In late 2013, Helsinki-based video game studio Bugbear launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming title, the ambiguously-named Next Car Game. The campaign sought $350,000 in funding, but it became clear shortly after launch that the stated funding goal was going to be a reach. The… Read More

Spicy Horse Taken At Their Word On $1.7 Million Akaneiro Loss

Shanghai-based video game development shop Spicy Horse and leader American McGee are fairly well known in the world of crowdfunding. The outfit has three Kickstarter campaigns under its belt. Two have succeeded while funding for a third was cancelled. The first of these projects to… Read More

Collective: Square Enix Bets On Crowdfunding & Indiegogo For Video Games

In the fall of 2013 we reported on a rather notable move by Square Enix into the crowdfunding space. That effort has now launched, and it could help Indiegogo become more competitive in the world of video games. Collective is not a crowdfunding platform. Rather,… Read More

Valve & SteamOS: Video Game Crowdfunding In Your Living Room

Greenlight is essentially a crowdsourcing platform where any of Steam’s 75,000,000 active users can help to determine what games get launched on Steam, the Valve-owned video game marketplace. It’s step one in a game development funnel Valve has used to empower smaller developers and studios…. Read More

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