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Creators of the Indiegogo-Success Storm eBike Continue to Speak Out Against Recent Validity Accusations

Clearing the air of any confusion that was caused by a Yahoo! article that questioned their project’s validity, the creators of Indiegogo-success Storm eBike addressed the story and its comments in the latest update. Storm eBike’s creator, Storm Sondors, stated: “First of all let me once again tell… Read More

Update: Storm eBike Now Over $3.1 Million on Indiegogo; Huge Interest For Demo Day Scheduled to Respond to Campaign Questions

Crowdfunding on Indiegogo, Storm eBike has zoomed past $3.1 million thanks to over nearly 1,400 backers. Storm is an all terrain bike that incorporates a high density lithium ion battery that will power you up to speeds of 20 miles per hour and up to… Read More

LiftOff: Storm eBike is Killing it on Indiegogo

Storm Electronic Bike is on a trajectory to be one of the most successful rewards based crowdfunding campaigns of the year. Launched on February 1st (3 days ago), Storm eBike immediately jumped out of the gate to over a quarter million dollars and has since… Read More

Storms eBike Quickly Zooms Pasts $285,000 on Indiegogo in Less Than Two Days

Wanting a new alternative to your car? Tired of dealing with the usually rush hour gridlock or paying for gas? With Storm Electronic Bike, users can enjoy a nice ride to work without having to deal with the traffic. On Sunday (February 1st), Storm eBike… Read More

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