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Smart Electric Bike Startup Cowboy Set to Launch Equity Crowdfunding Raise on Crowdcube

Cowboy, a Belgium-based smart electric bike startup, has announced plans to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube later this week. The funding round comes just after Cowboy secured 1 million investment from Index Ventures. Founded in 2017, Cowboy’s main mission is to improve “urban… Read More

Update: Riversimple’s Equity Crowdfunding Round Nears £1.1 Million During the Final Days on Seedrs

Riversimple, a Wales-based hydrogen-electric car company, announced last week it is set to close its latest Seedrs campaign later on this week. The funding round launched in March and quickly secured its initial £1 million funding target. It is now nearing £1.1 million thanks to nearly… Read More

Update: Riversimple Announces Invitation to Participate in Dubai Future Accelerators Program

Riversimple, a Wales-based hydrogen-electric car company, recently announced it received an invitation to participate in the Dubai Future Accelerator program. This news comes as the company successful secures more than £1 million through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. As previously reported, Riversimple designed a new car, the Rasa,… Read More

Overfunding: Hydrogen-Electric Car Brand Riversimple Quickly Secures £1 Million Funding Target on Seedrs

Less than two weeks after launching its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, Wales-based hydrogen-electric car company, Riversimple, has successfully secured its initial £1 million from more than 400 investors. As previously reported, Riversimple designed a new car, the Rasa, which the company states, emits nothing but a tiny… Read More

Hydrogen-Electric Car Company Riversimple Launches Seedrs Round; Quickly Nears 1 Million Funding Target

Riversimple, a Wales-based hydrogen-electric car company, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, seeking £1 million in funding. The new funding round comes less than a year after the company utilized the ShareIn service to launch its self-running crowdfunding campaign, which raised £1.14 million. Founded… Read More

Lavelle Bikes Now Seeking £300,000 Through Seedrs Funding Round

Lavelle, a London-based electric bikes company, is now seeking 300,000 through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. Founded in 2016, Lavelle stated it has designed and built a new category of electric bike, both sleek and beautiful in form and packed with “amazing” technology. Each bike… Read More

Update: Sono Motor Surpasses €1 Million Funding Target on Seedrs

Munich-based electric car startup, Sono Motors GmbH, has successfully secured its initial €1 million funding target through its Seedrs initiative from more than 550 investors. The company launched the initiative last month, seeking the funds as it prepares to expand its vehicle line.  As previously reported, the company… Read More

German Electric Car Company Sono Motors Seeks €1 Million Through Equity Offering on Seedrs

Sono Motors GmbH, a Munich-based electric car startup, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The company is currently seeking €1 million as it prepares to expand its vehicle line.  The company, which secured €549,895 on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo last year for its solarcar, Sion, is… Read More

Affordable RadRover Electric Bike Quickly Zooms Past Campaign Goal on Indiegogo

Rad Power Bikes, an electric bike company out of Seattle, Washington, is redefining the affordable electric bike with their electric fat bike, the RadRover. In just five days, the company surpassed their funding goal on Indiegogo and sold over 80 of their electric fat bikes. The RadRover combines quality, dependability,… Read More

Sondors eBike Finishes Its Crowdfunding Run & Captures Over $5M; Becomes Indiegogo’s 2nd Most Funded Project

On Thursday, Sondors’ eBike campaign on Indiegogo finally came to end. The project surfaced back in February (originally known as Storm eBike) and was originally seeking only $75,000. During its final days on the global crowdfunding platform, the eBikes successfully captured over $5 million, making it… Read More

Sondors eBike Announces Limited Time Pricing Through Indiegogo Ends April 2nd

Sondors eBike, the most affordable electric bicycle ever, will close its limited time Indiegogo campaign price of $649 on April 2, 2015 at 11:59 PM PT. This introductory price is 49 percent off the retail price of $1,299. People interested in purchasing the bike at half price… Read More

Inboard Action Sports Launches Kickstarter For Skateboard with Motors Inside the Wheels

Say goodbye to electric skateboards that ride like mush and don’t glide. Inboard has created, the Monolith, an electric skateboard that has the motor built inside the rear wheels and rides smooth – whether you’re riding powered or not. The patented “Manta Drive” technology was… Read More

Storms eBike Quickly Zooms Pasts $285,000 on Indiegogo in Less Than Two Days

Wanting a new alternative to your car? Tired of dealing with the usually rush hour gridlock or paying for gas? With Storm Electronic Bike, users can enjoy a nice ride to work without having to deal with the traffic. On Sunday (February 1st), Storm eBike… Read More

Electric Skateboard ZBoard 2 Zooms Past $50,000 Indiegogo Campaign Goal in Less Than 24 Hours

Ready to bring the second generation of ZBoards to the market, San Fransisco entrepreneurs Ben Forman and Geoff Larson have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for the ZBoard 2. Originally seeking $50,000 the product quickly surpassed its initial goal and raised over $94,000 in… Read More

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