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Color Picking Stylus Mozbii Hits $40,000 in First Week on Kickstarter

Taiwan-based inventor, Jeremy Shu, has turned to the Kickstarter crowd to fund his new project, Mozbii. The device has been dubbed the world’s first color picking stylus and was seeking to raise only $30,000. Within one week, the Mozbii crowdfunding campaign hit its goals and… Read More

TouchPico Extends Its Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo

Giving backers another chance to contribute more funds, the creators of TouchPico’s Indiegogo campaign have extended its time crowdfunding on the platform. Originally set to close this Tuesday (August 26th), the project reached its initial $55,000 goal within the first 24 hours. As previously reported,… Read More

Polar Pen/Stylus Combo May Set A Canadian Kickstarter Record

Innovative pens tend to do fairly well on rewards-based crowdfunding web sites like Kickstarter, and the Polar Pen is no exception. The “world’s first modular pen made from magnets” has raised CAD $700,000 with a week left in the campaign. To be fair, this pen… Read More

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