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Capital Unbound; Piwowar Suggests Regulators Need Restraining & Crowdfunding Should Look to States

A CATO Institute event on the status of capital markets in the US provided a bright spot to an otherwise bleak and rainy day in New York City. Amidst the libertarian rhetoric and literature, two speakers stood out with certain observations and proposed remedies to… Read More

How Do You Create a Robust Secondary Market for SMEs? Watch this Video to Find Out

The subject of venture exchanges, or secondary markets for small cap companies, is a hot topic right now.  Sparked in part by the signing of the JOBS Act, and the new securities exemptions now coming into play, investing in SMEs is better for everyone if… Read More

Venture Exchanges and How They Should Be Regulated

There is a growing policy push to create a Venture Exchange, or exchanges, to facilitate the purchasing and selling of new types of securities in smaller cap companies.  A securities value is best determined by the market and if one does not exist valuations are… Read More

CrowdFundCast: Recommendations from the SEC Small Business Forum

I recently got around to listening to Brian Knight’s excellent CrowdFundCast podcast that he produces periodically.  His latest podcast discusses the SEC Small Business Forum, which we’ve covered previously. Sarah is an accomplished attorney with vast experience with the securities and finance industry.  She spent… Read More

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