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Fixing the JOBS Act Beyond JOBS Act 3.0: Follow the Money

  Often repeated, but not always followed, is the advice: follow the money. Sometimes basic problems – and their solutions – are more readily understood (and solved) with this simple mantra. Effective capital markets are no exception. They demand faithful adherence to this principle. Lose… Read More

Mary Jo White: One Size Does Not Fit All in Equity Markets

SEC Chair Mary Jo White reaffirmed her interest in providing improved liquidity for shares in smaller companies mentioning specifically Reg A+ and Reg CF. In a wide-ranging speech on equity market structure, White injected a “word on quality markets for smaller companies.” White stated; “…I… Read More

Main Street Growth Act Seeks to Create Venture Exchange for Smaller Companies

OTC Markets Questions Monopoly Model for Venture Exchange. The House Financial Services Committee has been busy once again with a slew of proposed laws designed to improve the environment for smaller companies.  One of the bills on the list for the Committee yesterday (March 2,… Read More

OTC Markets Boosts Standards for OTCQX as it Pushes Upmarket

The OTC Markets Group has strengthened its market standards for companies listed on the OTCQX market. OTCQX is their best market for established US and international companies. Listing firms must now adhere to high-quality financial standards and must be sponsored by a third party advisor… Read More

Announced this Past May, Crowd2Fund Opens Up “The Exchange” to Provide Liquidity for Alt Assets

Investment crowdfunding platform Crowd2Fund has opened up their exchange to allow investors the opportunity to trade in alternative investments like equity that has been crowdfunded.  Crowd2Fund will also match sellers and buyers for assets purchased outside of the Crowd2Fund platform.  Originally announced this past May, Crowd2Fund… Read More

OTC Markets Completes Venture Market / OTCQB Rollout

OTC Markets has completed the rollout of OTCQB Venture Market, according to a company report. The marketplace claims 1,033 securities with an aggregate market capitalization of $74.2 billion. OTC states that 48 U.S. states and territories and 25 countries are using the marketplace. The OTCQB continues… Read More

OTC Markets Targets Reg A+ Issuers: Creates “On-Ramp” for Companies to Trade Shares

OTC Markets has published proposed new rules and standards for companies seeking to use newly adopted “Regulation A+,” or Title IV of the JOBS Act.  The objective is to have companies using this new exemption  to list their securities on OTCQX Best or OTCQB Venture… Read More

Dear Congress: A Venture Exchange Must Be Inclusive of Alternative Trading Systems

Several publicly traded companies have sent a letter to Representatives Scott  Garrett and Carolyn Maloney addressing the hot topic of venture exchanges.  The subject of venture exchanges has been making the rounds on Capital Hill, and at the SEC, as policy makers search for the best path to create liquidity… Read More

How Do You Create a Robust Secondary Market for SMEs? Watch this Video to Find Out

The subject of venture exchanges, or secondary markets for small cap companies, is a hot topic right now.  Sparked in part by the signing of the JOBS Act, and the new securities exemptions now coming into play, investing in SMEs is better for everyone if… Read More

Reg A Plus & Developing Venture Exchanges (Webinar)

Crowdfund Insider Senior Contributor, Sam Guzik, joined David Weild, former Vice Chair of Nasdaq, in a presentation last week on current issues regarding capital formation for SME’s. The discussion reviewed Title IV of the JOBS  Act (Regulation A+), the need for venture exchanges for secondary transactions… Read More

OTC Markets Issues Statement on Senate Hearing on Venture Exchanges

OTC Markets has issues a comment on the Senate hearing that took place today to discuss the creation of Venture Exchanges. OTC Markets has positioned its platform to provide these services to smaller companies and new types of securities as legalized by the JOBS Act…. Read More

Venture Exchanges Discussed in Senate Banking Sub-Committee

In a broad ranging discussion on Capitol Hill today, the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs subcommittee addressed the issue of Venture Exchanges. Recently there has been a growing amount of discourse on the Hill, and within the offices of the SEC, regarding the propriety and… Read More

Is the IPO Market Tanking in 2015?

The number of IPOs experienced a nice increase in 2014 boosted in part by high-profile offers like Alibaba and Lending Club.  Kathleen Smith, of Renaissance Capital, describes 2014 as a “very strong year” for IPOs but indications from Q1 of 2015 show things have taken… Read More

Secondary Trading Developments (Deck)

During the gathering of the SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies (ACSEC) considerable time was spent discussing secondary markets and venture exchanges.  This is an area that has captured the attention of SEC Chair Mary Jo White.  Having the SEC Chair as a… Read More

Smackdown: Steve Case on Mark Cuban “His View is Skewed by the Circles He Runs in” as Cuban Criticizes Crowdfunding

Steve Case, a staunch proponent of investment crowdfunding and advocate of access to capital for SMEs, called out billionaire pundit Mark Cuban on CNBC this morning. Ostensibly the discussion was on the Tech Bubble “Yes or No” polemic but discourse ended up being a bit… Read More

David Weild: The Need for a Venture Exchange (Deck)

David Weild, former Vice Chair of Nasdaq and current CEO of IssuWorks, delivered a presentation to the SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies that addressed the issue of venture exchanges.  The need for a venture exchange has recently percolated up in discussion as… Read More

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