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Brief: Real Estate Marketplace Lender Visio Financial Announces Its First Fully Amortizing 30-Year Loan for Residential Investors

Visio Financial Services, a residential real estate marketplace lender, announced that it has expanded its loan offerings to include a 30-year fully amortizing landlord loan at industry-leading rates as low as 6.9% and LTVs up to 75%, filling the gap for long-term investor financing in the rental… Read More

Regulation A+: What Do Industry Leaders Think About The New Investment Crowdfunding Exemption

Title IV of the JOBS Act finally become an actionable exemption today.  Rules 251 through 263 of Regulation A, under the Securities Act of 1933, were amended in an effort to fix a previously untenable securities rule.  Reg A+, as it is commonly known, has… Read More

Residential Real Estate Lender Visio Financial Raises $6.7 Series B

Visio Financial Services, a residential real estate lender, has announced it has raised $6.7 million in a Series B round of funding. According to the company, Visio has raised more than $100 million in debt and equity capital to provide real estate loans to investors in 34 states…. Read More

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