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Digital Assets Wealth Report: 6 Bitcoin Billionaires, and 22 Crypto Billionaires Globally But Over 88,000 Crypto Millionaires

Henley & Partners’ inaugural publication is intended for those following crypto-assets private wealth, and investment migration trends — whether global citizens, crypto investors, wealth managers, or private bankers. The update includes key statistics on crypto and Bitcoin millionaires, centi-millionaires, and billionaires provided by global wealth intelligence… Read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Wealth has Become More Evenly Distributed with Smaller Accounts Holding Greater Proportion of Supply: Report

During its 11 years of existence (since the first Bitcoin block was mined), BTC has been able to survive many “threats,” mainly because there’s no single entity controlling the world’s largest cryptocurrency network. As explained in a report from Coin Metrics, this trait, called decentralization,… Read More

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