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Plattsburgh, New York Common Councillors Propose Strict Safety Rules for Crypto Mining Facilities

Councillor Patrick McFarlin of the Common Council of the city of Plattsburgh, New York tabled a proposed law last Friday that would impose strict safety requirements on all commercial cryptocurrency mining farms operating within the city’s perimeter. “LOCAL LAW P-7 OF 2018” offers provisions covering… Read More

Crypto Entrepreneurs Mount China’s Rich List

Fourteen cryptocurrency million- and billionaires have made their way onto a list of China’s richest individuals for the first time, says Bitcoin.com. Perhaps predictably, at the very top of “The 2018 Lexus Lexus Huron Rich List,” in spots one to three, appear the entrepreneurs behind… Read More

Sign of the Times? APO Group Issues Press Release on Own Behalf Alleging Fraud by Crypto Miner – Watts Miners

APO Group, formerly known as African Press Organization, is a press release distribution company that is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland – according to its website. Today, it is distributing a press release on its own behalf that is quite publicly accusing Watts Miners, a crypto mining… Read More

Princeton Researchers: Chinese Mining Concentration a Genuine Threat to Bitcoin Network Security

Five of the world’s six largest Bitcoin mining firms operate under Chinese jurisdiction, a fact that, among other factors, could seriously compromise the security of the network, researchers at Princeton claim in a new report. The report, “The Looming Threat of China: An Analysis of… Read More

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: How Different Industries are Utilizing (or Exploiting) Blockchain Technology

When a new technology emerges, the word ‘disrupt’ is utilized to highlight the wonderful features to be developed and promises to be fulfilled. Since blockchain technology gained popularity in the last decade, the term blockchain has been linked to the term ‘disrupt’ almost as a… Read More

China: WeiyangX Fintech Review

Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Goes Public in Hong Kong On September 26th, Bitmain, a Beijing-based Bitcoin mining giant, finally disclosed its IPO prospectus to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. CICC will serve as the sole sponsor. According to the prospectus, Bitmain’s net… Read More

Bitmain Announces New Crypto Mining Chip


Bitmain Technologies, a China-based consumer-grade ASIC miner, announced last week the launch of its ASIC chip BM1391 for mining cryptocurrencies using the SHA256 algorithm. According to Bitmain, the  ASIC SHA256 algorithm acceleration chip integrates more than a billion transistors and is optimized for maximum efficiency. It… Read More

Soluna Building Huge Bitcoin Mine and Wind Farm in Contested Part of Morocco

Merzouga, Morocco Desert Camel andrea-cappiello unsplash

Soluna, a self-described “blockchain company” with offices in New York has announced plans to build a 37,000 acre wind farm and Bitcoin mine in a part of Morocco the Sahrawi tribe says belongs to them, Ars Technica reports. Soluna is seeking $100 million from investors… Read More

A Botnet is Roving Around Destroying CryptoMining Malware

Lost in Space Robot

Cybersecurity researchers at Qihoo 360NetLab say they have identified a botnet (a network of coordinated computing devices) that is trolling the net to locate computers running Monero mining script and destroying the script. The botnet is said to first look for the presence of a… Read More

Crypto Mining Malware Found on Hundreds of Indian Government Computers, IoT is Next

Security researchers in India have found malware that secretly mines cryptocurrencies on hundreds of local government computers, Economic Times reports. Sites for the Municipal Administration in Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati Municipal Corporation and Macherla municipality are among those affected. “CryptoJacking” attacks inject cryptocurrency mining malware (malevolent… Read More

Unpatched Microsoft Systems Vulnerable to Crypto Mining and Other Malware Attacks, Experts Warn

Malware leaked from the NSA’s tool chest over a year ago is now being used to mine cryptocurrencies secretly on infected Windows systems, TechCrunch reports, and worse attacks could follow if enterprises and governments don’t patch the vulnerability. The problem began in April 2017, when… Read More

Charges Laid in Notorious Iceland Bitcoin-Mine Robbery Cases

Hold Up Robbery Crime Theft

Seven suspects have been charged with various crimes related to a series of high-profile equipment thefts from Bitcoin mines in Iceland last year, Modern Consensus reports. The thefts came to the attention of industry aficionados in December last year, but became widely reported internationally in… Read More

Ready to Mine Digital Money: Iran Approves Crypto Mining

According to IBENA, a news agency in banking and economy area, which is affiliated with the Central Bank of Iran, the country has “[accepted] cryptocurrency mining as [an] industry.” Spokesperson Abolhassan Firouzabadi said the Iranian National Cyberspace Center will be leading the crypto initiative with the Central Bank, which… Read More

Electroneum Mobile Crypto Mining App Claims +1 Million Downloads

Electroneum on android phone

According to Electroneum, more than one million people have now downloaded their mobile cryptocurrency mining app on the Google Play store. Electroneum says their app enables users to mine and transfer its digital currency, ETN, through their phones Electroneum says it is one of only 25,271… Read More

Bloomberg: Liquid Cooling System Helping Bitfury Cryptomining Stay Profitable

The CEO of Bitfury, the second-largest crypto mining and hardware company in the world, told Bloomberg that it is, “still profitable and…bullish on Bitcoin in the long-term,” in part thanks to a high-tech  liquid-cooling system installed at its Georgian crypto mine. Bitfury recently re-acquired its… Read More

Grant County Utility Commissioners Impose Progressive Rate Hike of 50% Over 3 Years on Washington State Crypto Miners

Public Utility Commissioners in the Grant County district of central Washington State have unanimously approved a, “three-year, graduated increase to a new, above-cost electric rate designed to protect Grant PUD (Public Utility District) from risk and preserve below-cost rates for core customers.” The new “Rate 17… Read More

Coinmint Partners with Securitize on Bitcoin Mining Security Token Offering, Investors Said to Receive Daily Payouts

Coinmint, an operator of a very large cryptocurrency mining center, has commenced a security token offering (STO) in partnership with Securitize. According to Coinmint, each token issued will be worth one Terahash (TH) of Bitcoin mining power. Investors (accredited) may expect to receive daily payouts… Read More

DPW Solves the Power Problem in Crypto Mining by Buying the Dam

“Diversified holding company” DPW has announced it will be reactivating a hydro dam in Valatie Falls, New York, “to serve as a fully-dedicated source of low-cost, renewable power for a new co-located cryptocurrency mining farm…” The “historic 1-megawatt Valatie Falls dam” has been retrofitted to… Read More

Elastos Forms Merged Mining Partnership With Bitmain

Elastos (ELA), a China-based blockchain-powered Internet infrastructure, announced on Monday it has formed a merged mining partnership with Bitmain Technologies, a consumer-grade ASIC miner. Elastos called the new collaboration monumental for both miners and future users of the platform, as it guarantees the security of… Read More

Leningrad Regional Government Announces Russia’s Largest Crypto Mine

Following invitations issued by local politicians last fall, the regional government of Leningrad in northwestern Russia has now announced the opening of the country’s, “largest data processing centre…designed to extract digital currency,” Bitcoin News reports. The 4000 square metre “crypto mine” and its 3000 machines… Read More

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