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New Crowdfunding Platform for Cannabis Launched: CannaFundr

“PROVIDE SEED CAPITAL FOR AMERICA’S FASTEST GROWING INDUSTRY” The very first Cannabis investment crowdfunding platform has been launched by Crowdfund Connect.  CannaFundr is accepting applications from both accredited investors and Marijuana based companies for canabis related crowdfunding.  WeCanna, by the ArcView group, earlier announced a… Read More

ArcView Angel Investors Commit Over $1 Million to Marijuana Start-ups Including Wecanna Crowdfunding Platform

  At a news conference in Seattle, the ArcView Investor Network announced some of the first outside angel investments in the new legal marijuana industry which including the Wecanna a rewards based crowdfunding platform which focuses on the emergent Cannabis industry. More than 50 high net-worth private… Read More

WECANNA Crowdfunding for Cannabis Industry Set to Launch

As laws and perceptions regarding marijuana usage start to change, new business ventures soon follow.  Legalization is slowing growing in the United States and crowdfunding will, inevitably, be a part of it. Enter WECANNA, a new web site that is focusing on the industry of… Read More

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