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Smoked: Reg CF Doesn’t Work for Marijuana Industry Entrepreneurs

The budding Marijuana industry has attracted a legion of “ganjapreneurs” seeking the chance to cash in on the US movement to legalize and legitimize Cannabis. ArcView Group, a “hub for investment, data and progress” estimates the industry will drive around $7 billion in revenue during 2016…. Read More

GreenRushReview.com Reports Marijuana Crowdfunding Is An Industry to Watch in 2015

GreenRushReview.com, a reputable general medical marijuana news website reports that marijuana crowdfunding is one industry to watch closely in 2015. According to the Cannabusiness Funding & Financing Handbook of Marijuana Business Media, a survey of cannabis business owners revealed that more than 60 percent of entrepreneurs who… Read More

New Crowdfunding Platform for Cannabis Launched: CannaFundr

“PROVIDE SEED CAPITAL FOR AMERICA’S FASTEST GROWING INDUSTRY” The very first Cannabis investment crowdfunding platform has been launched by Crowdfund Connect.  CannaFundr is accepting applications from both accredited investors and Marijuana based companies for canabis related crowdfunding.  WeCanna, by the ArcView group, earlier announced a… Read More

WECANNA Crowdfunding for Cannabis Industry Set to Launch

As laws and perceptions regarding marijuana usage start to change, new business ventures soon follow.  Legalization is slowing growing in the United States and crowdfunding will, inevitably, be a part of it. Enter WECANNA, a new web site that is focusing on the industry of… Read More

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