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“Sauvignon Blanc of Cannabis” Puro Offers 14.58% Equity Stake on PledgeMe

Medical cannabis company Puro, described as the “Sauvignon Blanc” of marijuana is raising capital on PledgeMe. The Malborogh, NZ based company is seeking NZ $2 million in equity representing a 7.9%% equity stake in the company. The minimum investment has been set at NZ $500…. Read More

Cannabis Friendly SAFE Banking Act Passes the House, Next Up the Senate

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed H.R. 1595, the SAFE Banking Act, a Cannabis friendly act of legislation that may enable marijuana-based businesses to access the federal banking system. The bipartisan legislation was sponsored by Congressmen Ed Perlmutter (D-CO), Denny Heck (D-WA), Steve Stivers… Read More

OurCrowd Targets Emerging Cannabis Industry with 7thirty Opportunity Fund

Leading investment crowdfunding platform OurCrowd is jumping into the hot cannabis sector. OurCrowd has launched a $30 million cannabis tech fund called 7thirty Opportunity Fund. OurCrowd said it will build the “world’s leading global cannabis technology venture capital fund.” The new fund is said to… Read More

SEC Enters Final Judgement Against Richard J. Greenlaw, Who Created 20 Different Cannabis Companies and Raised Money on Craigslist

The Securities and Exchange Commission has obtained final judgement against Richard J. Greenlaw, a founder of a medical marijuana company. According to the SEC, Greenlaw created 20 affiliated entities and then raised $500,000 from investors by using Craigslist – the popular online classified site. The twenty cannabis-related… Read More

SinglePoint, a Bitcoin Based Payment Solution for Cannabis Industry, Receives $1.4 Million in Funding

United American Healthcare Corporation (OTC:UAHC), via their subsidiary UAHC Ventures, LLC, has invested $600,000 with SinglePoint, (OTC:SING) through the purchase of a Secured Promissory Note and Warrant. The $600,000 is part of a larger $1.4 million funding round that may move up to $4 million in… Read More

What’s Going on with Cannabis & Equity Crowdfunding?

When equity crowdfunding rules went into effect in the USA there was a lot of excitement in the emerging Cannabis industry.  There are plenty of predictions as to how big this industry could grow. Recent law changes in multiple states regarding recreational and medical use… Read More

Med-X Files Reg D as Reg A+ Offer Unrolls

Med-X – a medical Cannabis startup,  listed a Regulation A+ offer on StartEngine back in December of 2015. The securities offer was promoted as the “first ever” equity crowdfunding campaign for the Marijuana industry. Med-X registered $3.7 million in non-binding investor interest by February but… Read More

VIA Folio Announces Support for Investing in Cannabis Related Companies

VIA Folio, a technology platform that allows investors to hold alternative assets alongside publicly traded securities, has decidided to support the growing Cannabis industry.  With recent actions by several states that allows for the legal use of Cannabis, VIA Folio has seen increased demand for… Read More

Smoked: Reg CF Doesn’t Work for Marijuana Industry Entrepreneurs

The budding Marijuana industry has attracted a legion of “ganjapreneurs” seeking the chance to cash in on the US movement to legalize and legitimize Cannabis. ArcView Group, a “hub for investment, data and progress” estimates the industry will drive around $7 billion in revenue during 2016…. Read More

Med-X Execs Predict: Regulation A+ to be the Future of the Cannabis Industry

Med-X declared this week that its StartEngine equity crowdfunding offer was already “full steam” ahead.  The offer is now accepting investors. Back in February, the Med-X received SEC approval to raise funding under Regulation A+. The company considers itself the first company engaged in cannabis cultivation and technologies… Read More

Bay Street Cannabis Brings Equity Crowdfunding to the Cannabis Industry

We all vote with our money.  Every dollar spent is a vote for this brand over another, this chain, this item, and it speaks volumes about how we think, what we value, and what we want to do. I often wonder if there’s anything I’d do differently… Read More

CannaFundr Forms Partnership with Deutsche Cannabis AG

Investment crowdfunding platform CannaFundr, one that targets the nascent cannabis industry, has formed a partnership with Deutsche Cannabis AG. The agreements is described as facilitating investment into the Cannabis industry internationally while boosting entrepreneurship and the infrastructure to support it. Deutsche Cannabis is said to… Read More

Michigan Cannabis Coalition Will Crowdfund to Legalize Marijuana

There are several groups hoping to push forward legislation that will legalize recreational use of Marijuana in Michigan but the Michigan Cannabis Coalition (MCC) is planning on launching a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign on April 20th to help pay the way.  The date (4/20) is a… Read More

CannaFundr Successfully Closes Funding Round for Cannabis Industry Data Provider New Frontier Financials

Cannabis crowdfunding platform CannaFundr has shared that New Frontier Financials has successfully raised $250,000 in seed capital (no pun intended) for its business that supports the nascent marijuana cultivation & consumption industry.  The offer was available to accredited investors only. New Frontier is a data company… Read More

National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce Names Crowdfunding Campaign Organizer Cheryl Shuman As Its National Media Director

The National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce (NCCC) announced on Thursday (November 13th) that Cheryl Shuman, the leading branding and marketing professional in the legal marijuana industry and a significant advocate, has joined the Chamber’s Board of Directors as National Media Director. Since Shuman’s 2006 life-saving… Read More

New Crowdfunding Platform for Cannabis Launched: CannaFundr

“PROVIDE SEED CAPITAL FOR AMERICA’S FASTEST GROWING INDUSTRY” The very first Cannabis investment crowdfunding platform has been launched by Crowdfund Connect.  CannaFundr is accepting applications from both accredited investors and Marijuana based companies for canabis related crowdfunding.  WeCanna, by the ArcView group, earlier announced a… Read More

Cheryl Shuman Launches Cannabis Crowdfunding site: CannaDabbaDoo

Cheryl Shuman has launched of a cannabis business crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping companies raise capital for Marijuana associated projects. CannaDabbaDoo wants to create a business crowdfunding platform that enables companies to raise capital from investors, customers, and friends. Cheryl Shuman, is a self described… Read More

CBDcrowdfunding.com Launches to Help Fund Medical Marijuana Projects

During the same day that a video of Alaskan reporter for KTVA ,Charlo Greene, announcing her resignation to continue her work for the Alaska Cannabis Club, hit the internet, CBDcrowdfunding.com, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping medical marijuana patients and their communities, announced its official… Read More

NextRX Medical Marijuana is Crowdfunding on Return on Change (Video)

Ralf Ranier von Albedyhll CEO (and serial entrepreneur) of NextRX is equity crowdfunding on Return on Change.  The company is “setting a higher standard” for medical marijuana by seamlessly connecting certified patients and recommending physicians and dispensaries for this emerging industry.  The company is currently… Read More

CannaProposals to Crowdfund to Increase Access to Marijuana Dispensary Licensing

CannaProposals is launching a crowdfunding campaign on FunderHut whose purpose is to increase access to state-regulated marijuana dispensaries by simplifying the rigorous application process necessary to obtain a medical marijuana dispensary license in the United States.  The crowdfunding campaign is looking to raise $150,000 over the… Read More

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