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Overfunding: UK Distillery Nc’nean’s Seedrs Campaign Surpasses £1 Million in Funding

Nc’nean, a UK-based independent distillery that is on a mission to drive sustainability and innovation in Scotch whiskey, has successfully secured its initial £1 million funding target through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. As previously reported, Nc’nean, which comes from Neachneohain’​ the Queen of… Read More

UK Distillery Nc’nean Seeks £1 Million Through Equity Crowdfunding Round on Seedrs

Nc’nean, a UK-based independent distillery that is on a mission to drive sustainability and innovation in Scotch whiskey, is now seeking £1 million through its equity crowdfunding round on Seedrs. Started in 2017, Nc’nean, which comes from Neachneohain’​ the Queen of Spirits in Gaelic legend,… Read More

New Zealand Whisky Collection Hits NZ$500,000 PledgeMe Goal & Seeks Overfunding

The Oamaru based New Zealand Whisky Collection has surpassed its equity PledgeMe crowdfunding campaign goal of NZ$500,000 last Wednesday from 212 investors. New Zealand Whisky has now extended its equity crowdfunding campaign until 17 December to meet investor demand; just over NZ$565,300 has been secured at this… Read More

Recording Star Drake Uses Reg A+ to Raise Funding for Virginia Black Bourbon whiskey

  Recording star Drake has partnered with Brent Hocking, a successful veteran from the spirits industry, to create Virginia Black, an aged Bourbon whiskey. The company is looking to raise $30 million and the founders have decided to leverage the Reg A+ crowdfunding exemption thus… Read More

Whiskey Brand Ironclad Distillery Seeks Growth Funding Through Indiegogo/MicroVenture’s Equity Crowdfunding Platform

The Ironclad Distillery, a Virginia-based whiskey distillery, is now seeking to raise growth funding through Indiegogo and Microventures’ equity crowdfunding platform. The brand’s story reads: “In 1862, a year into the American Civil War, the first two ships to be clad in a force field of iron… Read More

Cleveland Whiskey Just Sips Away from Raising $300K on Wefunder

“Traditional whiskey can take 6 to 12 years to passively age in a barrel yet emerging markets are creating shortages that established distilleries simply can’t manage. With disruptive technology, our process uses pressure variations and oxygenation that reduces maturation time to less than 24 hours,” stated… Read More

GlenWyvis Distillery Secures Over £2.25M on Crowdfunder UK & Becomes Biggest Community Share in the UK

On Wednesday, GlenWyvis Distillery celebrated the next milestone of its highly successful crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder UK.The distillery took the funding portal last month to secure £1.5M as it prepared to build the very first community-owned craft whiskey distillery in Scotland. After raising the initial goal,… Read More

Scottish Whiskey Distiller GlenWyvis Nears £1.5M Target Goal on Crowdfunder.co UK

The crowd has a habit for raising its glass (and opening its wallets) for crowdfunding campaigns offering spirits, beer and wines. Whiskey is the focus of today’s campaign. Scottish whiskey. Think Poet Robert Burns.  GlenWyvis Distillery Community Benefit Society, based in the historic Highland town… Read More

iceDrops Nearly Funded, Chill Your Whiskey With Nuts & Bolts

For those of us that have been known to enjoy a glass of whiskey from time to time, there are seemingly no shortages of alcohol-related tchotchkes on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter. Recently I wrote about Whiskey Rox, whiskey chilling rocks made from soapstone. Now iceDrops… Read More

Deal Focus: Whiskey Rox Keep Your Booze Cold Without Watering It Down

Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake. W.C. Fields The folks at Crowdfund Insider have been known to enjoy a whiskey from time to time. I’m a bourbon fan myself. Sipping a whiskey on the… Read More

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