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Poof Payments Releases Open-Source MPC Wallet for XRP Ledger

Poof Payments is pleased to announce the launch of an open-source implementation of Multiparty Computation (MPC) wallets, ingeniously integrated with Shamir Secret Sharing (SSS) for the XRP Ledger. This milestone development, “backed by the XRP Ledger Grants program, seeks to accelerate the momentum of secure… Read More

DLT Adoption: Gemini Adds Support for XRP Ledger, a Blockchain Network

Digital asset firm Gemini is pleased to announce support for XRP Ledger (XRP), adding a new blockchain to Gemini’s growing list of supported networks. XRP is now “available for trading on our API/FIX and ActiveTrader applications for USD trading pairs, and on the Gemini Mobile… Read More

Web3 Adoption: Catalyze Research, Fintech Ripple to Enable XRP Ledger Adoption in South Korea

Catalyze Research, the Web3 and blockchain consulting group, and Ripple, which claims to be the “leader” in enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions, announced their partnership to bolster the presence of the XRP Ledger (XRPL) in South Korea. This collaboration aims to tap into the robust… Read More

QuickNode to Support XRP Ledger, Bringing Blockchain Solutions with Scale

QuickNode, a provider of blockchain infrastructure, announces that it now supports the XRP Ledger (XRPL). This integration makes the XRPL, “a Layer 1 open-source, energy-efficient, and decentralized blockchain, available to the global developer community on the QuickNode platform.” Adding the XRPL to QuickNode will “help… Read More

Fintech Firm Ripple Commits 1B XRP to Grants Program, Accelerator to Support XRP Ledger Development

Ripple, which claims to be the leader in enterprise-grade blockchain and crypto solutions, is committing 1B XRP to “accelerate development and new use cases on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).” The fund is “an extension to the XRPL Grants program which launched in 2021 and, to… Read More

onXRP.com and Pastel Network to Improve Security on the onXRP NFT Marketplace

onXRP.com, a tech and content platform offering “user-driven” innovation to the XRP Ledger (XRPL), and Pastel Network (PSL), the application-specific and “purpose built” NFT blockchain, announced a partnership to improve the security of the XRPL NFT ecosystem. As mentioned in an update shared with Crowdfund… Read More

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