Crowdfunding 201: Wish You Were Working

Rob Thomas Producer of Veronica MarsIt was inevitable.

After the Veronica Mars folks raised their $2 million in record time, you knew a similar project would come along. Hollywood, after all, is pretty good at taking what works and doing it over and over and over again until everyone is sick of it. So you just knew that some multi-millionaire from TV would launch a campaign for their own dream project. And you even knew they’d go for the same goal. Because, hey, that’s how these things work.

And the outrage–oh the outrage! Why can’t they fund it themselves? They’re rich and stuff. How dare they??

Only…it launched and no one cared. No howls that they were going to bilk a fanbase out of millions, no cries that they should somehow allow people to make a profit (never mind that you can’t legally do that yet, but why bother with facts? It doesn’t stop CNN and Fox News.)

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