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Crowdfunding Is A Buzzsaw For Celebrities, Good And Bad

Rob Thomas changed crowdfunding forever with his campaign for Veronica Mars, legitimizing the funding method as a way for successful folks to circumvent the powers-that-be. The crowd can now greenlight creative products by sheer power in numbers. Gatekeepers? That’s so 2010. Zach Braff took this… Read More

Melissa Joan Hart says Kickstarter failure ‘started out wrong’

Not every Kickstarter film-funding effort ends in multimillion-dollar success, a la actor-writer-director Zach Braff’s recent campaign or that achieved by the cast and creators of the canceled CW show “Veronica Mars.” Just ask actress Melissa Joan Hart, who failed in her efforts to raise $2 million for a romantic comedy in… Read More

The ‘Friday Night Lights’ Movie May Be Latest Project to Receive Crowdfunding

Hoo boy. This crowdfunding fad is really getting out of control. Sure, it gave everybody the “Veronica Mars” movie they always wanted but it has also crushed the meager dreams of Melissa Joan Hart, emboldened Zach Braff to unleash even more of his curdled whimsy on the world… Read More

WATCH: The Zach Braff Bashing Leaks Onto Funny Or Die, Indiegogo

The purveyors of the ScreenJunkies YouTube channel have launched a campaign on Indiegogo to crowdfund a full-page advertisement aimed at telling celebrities like Zach Braff to keep their “vanity projects” off of crowdfunding web sites like Kickstarter. From the campaign page… Our “Don’t Back Zach”… Read More

Why Melissa Joan Hart’s Kickstarter Project Failed

It’s finally happened. Kickstarter users have said “No thanks!” to a celebrity’s film project. The crowdfunding campaign for the film Darci’s Walk of Shame, which had Melissa Joan Hart attached to it, was cancelled Monday after raising only $51,605 from 315 backers in a little over… Read More

Crowdfunding 201: Wish You Were Working

It was inevitable. After the Veronica Mars folks raised their $2 million in record time, you knew a similar project would come along. Hollywood, after all, is pretty good at taking what works and doing it over and over and over again until everyone is sick of… Read More

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