Stop Cyber Spying With These Crowdfunded Projects

It was inevitable with the revelations that NSA Contractor Edward Snowden shared about cyber-spying that anti-spying crowdfunding campaigns would be soon to follow or  crowdfunding campaigns which  already exist – finally percolate to the surface.  While it is hard to believe there is a way to avoid being snooped upon in our interconnected world, there are people and companies out there who are having a go at it.

Of course their is one way to be certain to avoid having your phone calls, emails and search results ever being shared with our various law enforcement agencies.  Just disconnect.  But that is not something very likely to occur.

There was a recent article in the Washington Post which aptly points out there are encryption programs which already exist that could thwart NSA type intrusions – but no one uses these methods.

There are real needs for services which allow people to post and interact without the fear of repercussion.  Just view recent events in Turkey or past events in any other repressive part of the world and the fear of discovery is very real.

There is one web site which shares alternative services for outside the mainstream which are more likely to fall under the radar of our intelligence agencies.  Then there are the products listed below:


The Freedom Box – Crowdfunding via a PayPal Donation Site

This device has been in the works for some time. CBSNews – of all media outlets – covered this back in 2011.  Practically a generation Eben Moglenago.  This is an initiative led by Eben Moglen, professor of law at Columbia and leader of the Software Freedom Law Center.

The FreedomBox is a project that combines the computing power of a smart phone with your wireless router to create a network of personal servers to protect privacy during daily life, maintain beachheads of free network access during times of political instability, and open lines of communication during natural disasters.

The basic hardware and software components already exist. Our job is to assemble the right collection of social communication tools, distributed services, and intelligent routing in a package anyone can use to get the freedoms we all need right “out of the box.” 

It has been reported Moglen would like to raise $500,000 to fund this device. Perhaps now, with the additional concern regarding privacy from the snooping government – he will make his goal.

There is also a Kickstarter campaign which was fully funded back in 2011.  But it is not completely clear if the funds were sufficient or if the campaign just fizzled as the updates ended in August of 2012.

You can also donate the old school way by mailing a check – or on the flipside via Bitcoin.



SnoopWall: Stop Cyber Spying, Snooping, and Stealing – Kickstarter

Snoopwall was quick to push a press release regarding their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter as they quickly recognized the  booming interest in blocking unwanted breaches into online privacy.  They claim their product does more than the products already readily available on the market today.

SnoopWall blocks remote access to mobile devices by protecting data-leakage ports including webcams, microphones, and GPS. Restricting access to these ports prevents cyber snoops from extracting valuable information.

“In light of recent news, people are more aware of their online vulnerability. That awareness has sparked a welcome conversation about remote eavesdropping and cyber security solutions,” said Miliefsky, who has patented multiple internet security technologies. “Antivirus software doesn’t block remote access to devices, and firewalls are unable to protect users once they ‘trust’ an application. Who knows what kind of personal information can get into the hands of cybercriminals when they have unrestricted access to our devices.”

This may work for someone trying to hack into your network but with Prism – and their access to the companies which have final control over your data – this probably would not have provided a substantial barrier.


SipBizNet Cyberspace Identity System – StartUpValley

This is a company which markets it’s products to the US Govermenent and various agencies which, at times, may be inclined to cover their cyber tracks. They are crowdfunding on equity platform StartUpValley.  Located outside Washington, DC, SipBizNet defines themselves as  “the first innovative software technology to combat THE problem in the Cyber Security environment.”

.  It is not clear if this product will be available for retail consumers.

When you are considering and comparing our technology with the current landscape on the terminology of security and cybersecurity as followed:
1) Most security products today are geared towards antivirus or antispyware, etc…
2) There are really no comparisons analysis for CYBERsecurity product suite because there are NO products at this time.
3) Today’s solution for CYBERsecurity is often a combination of complex software integration and often carried out by Cybersecurity CONSULTING firms.
4) SIPbiz CIS is the first of its kind to emerge in the world of Cybersecurity as a simple innovative PRODUCT, and most importantly a cost effective solution.

In summary, CIS is applicable in the following four identified pillars:
a) Cyberspace Security
b) Cloud Perimeter Security
c) LTE Sip VoIP security
d) Database Applications Security.

If you have another anti – cyber snooping product, please let us know.  We would love to add it to the list.

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